EM7 Music Reference Amplifier

Have you heard or do you own this Music Reference amp? If so, what are your thoughts? Do you still own it? If so, what did it replace? If not, why did you part with it?
I own the 12v version of this amp and in my opinion it is outstanding. Mine is slightly modified and I rotate it in my system with a Music Reference RM-10 MkII and Atma-Sphere S-30. The amp performs on par with the S-30, but lacks a little bit of the bass authority in comparison. If you are looking for a reliable SET amp this is a very good option. Unfortunately they are not in production any more and I have not seen any come up used.
Thank you for responding. It's good to know you like the amp. Hopefully I can find one, somewhere.
I'm using a pair of 6EM7 single ended triode monoblocks from Ultra Fi and they are excellent! Maybe they would meet your needs? You can see them if you look in virtual systems for Studio Ultra Fi.