Elvis Presley's Mystery Influence - Jimmy Sweeney

Hi Guys:
I thought some of you may be interested in an album I've produced for ORG Music for Record Store Day 4/18/20.

The album is by Jimmy Sweeney, an African American singer from Nashville who was active in the 1950s / 60s. The album will contain the 1st ever release of "Without You," possibly the most influential demo recording in history.

Jimmy's story changes rock n roll history!

Here's the RSD link: Jimmy Sweeney - Without You

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Thank you.  

I find these limited RSD releases a big annoyance, with the ability to acquire one very limited.  Why?  Would an artist not be better off with as wide as possible availability, or are these designed to create interest, or what, I have never understood this, to create a "frenzy"?  I have never understood it.  

I would very much like to hear the music on your produced album.  But likely never will.