Elvis Presley's Mystery Influence - Jimmy Sweeney

Hi Guys:
I thought some of you may be interested in an album I've produced for ORG Music for Record Store Day 4/18/20.

The album is by Jimmy Sweeney, an African American singer from Nashville who was active in the 1950s / 60s. The album will contain the 1st ever release of "Without You," possibly the most influential demo recording in history.

Jimmy's story changes rock n roll history!

Here's the RSD link: Jimmy Sweeney - Without You

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Hi rpeluso
Thanks for the reply. What you say is understandable. Especially if you don’t have a good indie record store near you. The Jimmy Sweeney album is a vinyl only release (for now) and having it as a RSD release is a good way to get people talking about it. But I do understand your frustration. I’ve been told that the album can be ordered from your favorite record store after 4/18/20 even if they don’t stock it for RSD.