Elvis Presley's Albums - Recommendations needed

Hi, can you recommend a few albums of Elvis - Cat King (in CD format)? I'm looking for great recordings in studio setting and great selection of his songs. I have a soft spot for the song "Love Me Tender".

For his greatest hits, the CD to get would be:

- Elvis: 30 #1 Hits

Two additional CDs which show Elvis post '68 comeback in great form:

- From Elvis in Memphis
- Elvis Back in Memphis

On the used market, "24 Karat Hits" on DCC GZS-1117 is worth every penny. But it's bloody expensive these days. Sound quality to die for.

I'm a big fan of the 50's masters set--5 CD's with some fantastic outtakes and alternate versions. I think it's called The King of Rock and Roll.

Other than that, the #1 hits or the top ten hits (probably worth the extra investment) PLUS The Sun Sessions.
Yeah just get the 50's box set mentioned if you can find it and be done. Add the companion 60's box set for completeness.
One problem with the 60's set is that it does NOT include the movies music (some of which is great, much of which is decidedly not great) which is available in a separate set. So, with the 60's set, for instance, you will not get Viva Las Vegas.

BTW, if you spring for the 50's set you may not want to get the Sun Sessions--there's one version of every tune included in the 50's set. The complete Sun sessions includes outtakes and alternate takes.
Elvis is Back sounds pretty darn good. "Fever" (track 2) is a nice reference track.
yeah, add the movies box set if one must.
For latter day Elvis, (haha!) check out the 'Today' album which came out in 1975. It's actually a good album with good sound quality.
Every Record is top before he got fat and went to Vegas. A Milestone is "Elvis Is Back" and the DCC compilation "24 Karat Hits" is simply stunning.
The Vegas era is underrated! You have very talented musicians like Ronnie Tutt, James Burton, Jerry Scheff, and Glen Hardin on those live and studio albums! :D
And Elvis' voice is deeper and richer on those albums which I prefer...
I can recommend one NOT to get. Having no Elvis whatsoever in my collection, I decided to buy the 2013 Sony K2HD re-release of "Love, Elvis" because that compilation (originally by BMG, 2004) has the best selection of tracks for my taste, and I figured it would also have top drawer sound quality. So I rationalized away the very high price. Big mistake!

Issues with this K2HD release include unforgiving treble, annoying volume fluctuations between tracks, too abrupt fadeout endings on some tracks, having a mixture of both studio and live performance recordings (something that always drives me nuts in a compilation), and the inclusion of at least one track (the final track "If I Can Dream") which doesn't fit at all with the rest of the compilation because Elvis' voice is so different on it as compared to all the other tracks.

Incidentally, I do have a couple other of the very pricey K2HD CDs in my collection so I have some basis for sound quality comparison, and "Love, Elvis" does not make the K2HD grade. Sony, shame on you!