Elvis Presley - 18 UK no1's on 10 inch 45's

After hearing on the asylum that the Elvis re-issues in the UK sounded great, I decided to take a punt and buy them all!
I just received all 18 limited edition 10 inch 45rpm re-release singles of all his hits.
When you buy his first no1 single "All Shook Up" you receive the 10 single as well as the box to put all the singles inside.

Cut to the chase, these re-issues sound superb, the best I have heard Elvis sound for these songs and I have over 100 seperate Elvis LP's as well as many 7inch singles. Re-issuing these on 10 inch vinyl was a good ploy sonically.

I would suggest if you are a Elvis or music fan, go out an buy the set before they are gone and vultures like Acoustic Sounds start to sell at rip off prices. I found the cheapest by far is to shop at hmv.co.uk.