Elrog 300B vs Takatsuki 300B tubes

Has anyone heard the Elrog 300B tubes ? I read an article which mentioned that the Elrog 300B delivers 15% less power than a traditional 300B tubes. Can anyone confirm that it is audible ?

I am choosing between Elrog and Takatsuki 300B tubes. I would prefer the Elrog because it is cheaper and supposedly wonderful but if it really sounds less powerful then I have to rethink.
Elrog's agreeable approach to finding a workable solution for owners of the Coincident Frankensteins is commendable.
Well you know my high regard for TAK and EML. The Elrog is very good "out of the box" and keeps improving with time. You may ultimately prefer the TAK in your system. In my case the Elrog was even more communicative of musical soul and emotion without sacrificing the good stuff of the other two tubes. For certain time will tell. Elrog just pushed "all" the right buttons in my system.
Matthias (or any others with the knowledge): any insight on how the El Rog 300B works in Audio Note Quest Silver monos? I have the low gain version (6J5 driver rather than 6SN7) but don't know the operating specs (and I'm no expert in these things).

I really like the descriptions I've read of the El Rog's sound, and almost ordered a pair more than once, but was cautious due to the failures I read about over on Head-Fi..


Charles, it was just a quick opinion. Once they are fully burned in then comes the critical listening. I might just like them better then the highly regarded Taks and EML's, will see.

Hopefully, Elrogs team will come up with a solution.