Elrog 300B vs Takatsuki 300B tubes

Has anyone heard the Elrog 300B tubes ? I read an article which mentioned that the Elrog 300B delivers 15% less power than a traditional 300B tubes. Can anyone confirm that it is audible ?

I am choosing between Elrog and Takatsuki 300B tubes. I would prefer the Elrog because it is cheaper and supposedly wonderful but if it really sounds less powerful then I have to rethink.
Does anyone have recent experience with the Takatsukis?  I have already had two pairs of the Sophia Royal Princess 300Bs die on me, so I am steering clear of the Elrogs for now.

Specifically, I would love to hear how the Takatsukis perform in any Audio Note amplifier.  I have ordered a pair from PriceJapan, but apparently there is a two month wait at the moment.  I have sold my low hours pair of PSVane WE Replicas and have my Shuguang Black Treasures up for sale.  Both of those will help pay for the Takatsukis : )

So, for now I am back to using the stock tubes.  They are good but don't have the texture, detail or colour of the PSVane Replicas.  I figured that this is going to make the Takatsukis sound even better!  Stepping up from the Replicas wouldn't be nearly as much of an improvement as coming from the stock tubes.

Anyway....just waiting patiently for the Takatsukis.....is that the FedEx truck that I hear?  No, just some car passing by : (

Must be patient.....
I have been listening to Takatsuki 300b tubes for a couple of years. The Takatsukis replaced Sophia RPs in my 300b SET; no technical issues with the RPs - the Takatsukis just sounded better. I have not heard Takatsukis in Audio Note amplifiers, and I have not heard the Elrogs in any amplifier. I am, however, surprised at the wait time. I sourced mine from Amtrans in Japan. Once you get them, I will be curious how they compare to the WE Replicas from Psvane.


contact Marc at trueaudiophile.com. They are located on the west coast in Oregon or Washington State. 

I I purchased a pair of Taks from him last fall and they shipped the same day. 

Great customer service for sure!!

I have Takatsuki, Sophia Princess, EML and Elrog 300B and EML300B XLS.
So far, only the EML300B has started failing on me (lower gain on one channel). But I don't run my 300B for long hours either. 
As you may have seen, one of the posters in here, Charles1dad, previously used the Taks as his reference before switching to the Elrogs... in Coincident Franks though, unfortunately for your information gathering.

P.S.  Charles, are those Elrogs still hanging in there after the amp mods?