Elrog 300B vs Takatsuki 300B tubes

Has anyone heard the Elrog 300B tubes ? I read an article which mentioned that the Elrog 300B delivers 15% less power than a traditional 300B tubes. Can anyone confirm that it is audible ?

I am choosing between Elrog and Takatsuki 300B tubes. I would prefer the Elrog because it is cheaper and supposedly wonderful but if it really sounds less powerful then I have to rethink.
 Its amazing to touch a 12w Mills resistor that is dissipating only 3-4 watts and it be too hot to touch. No one tells you these things when you first start out in DIY. Best thing to do is to look at lots of schematics and see what ratings for the caps and resistors they use in the various positions. Charles I'll be interested to find out what brand of resistor you eventually go with. Jet
I'm going to use the Mundorf wire wound resistors,1.2K ohms/25 watts, 2.50 USD each. There weren't many choices in these higher watt range.  Lots of choices in the lower  .75 -5 watt range.

Since you have done the research on these resistors where did you locate them online??

Charles, I am encouraged by the advice rendered by your very trusted source.  Perhaps my PS 10, which provides a reduced start up current for the Franks, coupled with the ability to regulate the voltage at 115, will do the trick for me.  As I said, I am getting very little listening time in these days due to my hiking.  The upside is that I lost 6 lbs of belly fat last week.   I really hope at the end of all of this that we find a solution permitting reliable service from the elrogs.   Its going to be hard taking a step back, if it comes to that. 
You can get them from Parts connexion.com, they're in Canada.

Your use of the PS 10 is a very good decision.
I'm glad you're able to fulfill your goal of hiking in the mountains of Tennessee. Six pounds of belly fat in a week? That's some serious hiking, keep it up.