Elrod vs. Virtual Dynamics: Thoughts???

I'm not sure this is a fair comparison since most of the VD PCs (unfortuanate abbreviation) are more costly than the Elrods. Still, it would be interesting to hear your experiences with these 2 brands. Please mention specific models. Thanks.

I had the $550 VD david and $1600 Elrod signature 3 from the cable company on loan. The two where very comparable, except the elrod sounding a bit brighter for my taste. At one third the cost as Mr elrods I knew Rick had something special with his power cords.
I only heard the early Nite II VD and owned the ELrod Sig 3 for a long time. Never found the Elrod "bright", never. The Nite II was thin sounding but very clear sounding. I preferred the Elrod Sig 3 to many power cords on my Pass Labs X-250 power amp and my buddys Graaf 5050 tube amp. The Elrod had a very seductive mid-range character, sweet highs and very good bass.

Hope this helps.
I wasn't impressed with the Nite II and found it similar sounding to what BigKidz described - Harmonically threadbare but high on clarity. I haven't heard the Elrod cable but there have been many positive comments and reviews.
I never found the Elrod Signatures to be bright either.
I still own a Statement that David customized for me (male plug has been centered to better fit between my amp - at the time - and my Hydra 8). When I upgraded my amp to a true dual mono I needed to acquire an additional PC. There was simply no way that I could wrestle two Statements into my system; tried VD Masters which are much easier to work with (you should check out the applicable, ongoing thread here on Agon) and, with no sonic loss, replaced the Elrod. I'm not that familiar with the EPS Sig series, but the Statement is outstanding. An excellent choice if one has the room to accommodate its bulk. OTOH, the Masters are as smooth, create as large a soundstage and, as they continue to break in, provide a magnificent synergy with the rest of my cabling/electronics/speakers.

Both products are well worth the $, IMO.
I own 2 Elrod Statements and have them on my amp and power conditioner - haven't found anything better. VD Revelation is on my preamp and VD Genesis will be on my source (with a little luck). Haven't found anything better than VD for front end, nor better than Elrod for back end in my system - they provide the music I was searching for. As you can see, its not necessarily an either/or - I feel I have the best products of each company utilized in the areas in which each excels, at least to my ears. It also doesn't hurt that David and Rick are both very helpful and fully support their products. Yes, these products are a challenge to get into place, but once there, the music is undeniable - well worth the effort.
I have owned Elrod Statements in the past , very fine power cords, some of the best. They work well on amps & front end . But in my system the VD Revelation & Genesis power cords will take your sysem to levels well beyond any I have used PERIOD. I higly recommend using all of VD cables throught ones system. They have made a supstantial improvement in my system. For those who are willing to put the effort in installation, the rewards wil be worth it.
Really ! I have some tight quarters & had very little problems. Thank God for zip ties & eye hooks.
It was not the the Elrod was a bright cable, but compared to VD david it did offer more in the high frequencies.

The Elrod in comparison to all the other loaned cables from the cable company would not be classified as bright. Just maybe a testament of how good the Virtual pcs are.
I am so delighted with my discovery of Virtual
Dynamics stuff, and if you call and talk to James, he can get you B-stock at GREATLY reduced prices....

I assure you I have NO affiliation with Virtual Dyn. It is just THE REAL DEAL!

I have made two or three small upgrades all with major results in the system. As they say at Virtual Dyn., every step up is a big improvement, even when you think it is already so good that that can't be possible. I currently have Masters for two sets of interconnects and speaker wire, with Master LEs now the power cords for the amps. They tell you to put your best stuff from the source downward, thus the Revelation power cords on the CD and Preamp. So two sets of interconnects and speaker wire will go from current Master to Master LE. I am happy with the way it sounds NOW, but I got a better trade in on my Transparent by making the step up, and the rest of the LEs should ship mid this week. I can't believe how good the deals are on "B-Stock" compared to their regular prices.

Virtual Dynamics is awsome cable and all my audiophile friends are still in shock. ;)