Elrod vs MIT

Hi to all. I have a question about power cords. I am thinking about upgrading to David Elrod's Statement Gold power cords. I know there have been some fantastic reviews of this new line of cables. Since there is no dealer in Holland it is not possible to try out EPS cables. Until now the best power cable I have tried at home is the MIT AC-2. Question: any of you compared these cables and what were your findings? My set consists of Spectral / dcs / Kef 207-2 / MIT oracles.
Thank your for your input!
Nirodha35, I've been extremely happy with the Elrod Statement Gold power cords which I reviewed last year. (http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?fcabl&1243482931&openmine&zzPuremusic&4&5) In the last 3 paragraphs of my review, I provided some temporal and harmonic details on the phenomenal resolution the Golds reveal on 5 specific CDs. If you have those CDs, you can check to see if you can hear the same level of resolution with the MIT AC-2. That may be a helpful option if you are unable to compare the MIT and the Golds side-by-side in your own system. If you can't find a European dealer who will loan you the Golds to try in your system, you might want to contact Brent Rainwater at Rainwater Audio. (843-665-6113, brainwater@sc.rr.com) He is one of the largest Elrod dealers in the USA.
Puremusic, I am sure the Elrod is a good cord as I have owned some of David's stuff in the past but that is a real stretch as a way to conclude anything and would seem very unfair to the MIT cord. Wouldn't your test just prove your system is more resolving of this detail than another and how would one correlate that to a cord vs speakers or room acoustics or ears or....
Glide3, You are absolutely right. I should have elaborated a bit more. My suggestion was meant only if Nirodha35 is not able to get a comparison (direct or indirect) between the MIT and Elrod. In that event, I didn't say my suggestion "will" be helpful, but that it "may" be a helpful option. I did not state that he will be able to "conclude" anything about which PC is better in his system. But some information may be better than none. Although, the interpretation of that information is tricky. As you say, a negative result may be the result of some other element in the system. However, a positive result "may" be helpful in boosting his level of confidence in the MIT rather than providing relative merits. i.e. If the same (or greater) level of resolution is perceived with the MIT, then Nirodha35 can have more confidence to go with the MIT. He still won't know which will be better. Unless he finds a dealer who is willing to loan him a demo.
Thank you Puremusic and Glide3! I know it is impossible to get a real view on cables if you don't listen to them. Indeed, the problem is that there is no dealer of Elrods in the Netherlands. This query was more to find someone who did try both cables and who could tell me the differences. I love the MIT oracles but I have a gut feeling that the Elrod power cords might even be better than MIT PC. I searched the net extensively and have yet to find a negative word about David Elrod's cables. Puremusic, I had already read your excellent review - this only strengthened my resolve to make a leap of faith.
I contacted David Elrod, and discussed options. David made me a real good deal and within one or two months I will be able to hear for myself how good the Elrod Statement Gold's really are.
Maybe this is a bit off topic but I think the high end industry is inhabited by people who really deserve respect: David Elrod, Joe Abrams, Disco, all of them provided me with great advice and are helpful in my quest for the ultimate system.
Nirodha35, Thanks for your kind comment about my review. After the Statement Gold is burnt-in (it takes a long time), please let us know how it performed in your system.
Puremusic...excellent point, I had not thought of the affirmation side of the equation in that if he COULD here what you heard it might suggest that the MIT, along with the rest of N35's system, was giving the same resolution as the Elrod and the rest of your system. I get that now and that makes sense!
Puremusic, Glide3...will be back here in about 3 months time to report my findings...now gonna live like a monk to save money haha
Thanks...I will be interested to hear the results
Well...I promised to get back here and I always keep my promises. The Elrod Statement Gold has been playing here for only 2 weeks now so it isn't really broken in BUT...it is like no other cable I have ever heard. Granted, I do not have much experience with many other power cords, only NBS and the top MIT Oracle AC-2. I LOVED the AC-2 and I still have it in my set but the Elrod is something else!
It is totally organic, you never realise there is a digital haze over your music until it is gone. This is not like sound exploding out of a black background. Well, it is sound exploding but even the back blackground is gone. Unless you qualify total silence as a black background.
I hear things on very familiar cds that I have never heard before. Some pieces of music are almost new and improved versions.
The sound is utterly addictive, my body relaxes even when I am playing really loud, but you don't have to play loud to be totally immersed in the music.
The music is freed like you have a 5.1 set put BETWEEN your stereo speakers.
I am told by the man himself that break lasts up to 1000 hours...wow...I cannot believe it will become better than it is now.
So...that's it...have to go...music is calling my name in the other room...
Had to save up for this cable and there is no way back...already saving for the next one.
If you ever in the upgrade mood, at least try the Elrods and maybe you will even save money because you will realise that your amp etc. has never showed you what it is capable of.
Enjoy people!
Do know how these compare to nordost valhalla? I just purchased
a silenwire ac reference. It does to the music all what you describe
from what I am reading, the valhalla and other top tier cables
all share that organic type of sound you describe. What is the price
range for the gold Statements? Before I end up saving more money
for more I would be interested in what a similar cable could do for
my system. I have tried harmonix reference and top hms, both killed my system. These golds sound interesting. Thanks in advance for the

Nirodha35, on which equipment are you using the Statement Gold cable ?
Sorry, I did not compare them to the Nordost Valhalla. There is only one way to find out if they are worth the money and that is by trying them. Do NOT try them unless you are willing to spend some money ;-)
I use one from the main socket to the PS Audio Quintet and then another one from the Quintet to the dCS dac/pre. Still need three of them....