Elrod vs electra glide?

How do power cables from these two company different from each other? I am interested in the EPS3 signature or non-signature vs mini khan or ultra khan. What improvement can i expect? I am planning on using it with Pass X250.5 (Golen pc) amp & Classe CA2200 amp (low end Synergistic PC).

I have a dedicated line 15amps.

Thanks in advance.
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Cannot help you with the comparison but on my X-250 the Elrod EPS Sig 3 was the best cord that I tried on it. Sold it before the current like of EG cords came out.

Happy Listening.
You might want to consider the Isoclean Power Cords. They are GREAT!! Check www.aaudioimport.com.
IMHO The Ultra Khan is not really the best choice for Power Amps.
I have a Krell KSA 250 and I use Shunyata Anaconnda Power cords with it.
My Ultra Khan's are used with my Hydra 8 /Digital Components.
I still believe Amps like the Pass and Krell require large current flowing power cords.

Never owned the Elrods but I thought about buying them several times. I believe that the Elrod and Electraglide are kinda made from the same type of design.
Ozzy's got some good points here.

And yes - the Elrods are a similar ribbon conductor design as the E'Glides. David Elrod used to work for/with Scott Hall.

I own several of each brand, running an EPS-3 Sig on my BPT line conditioner and Mini Khan Plus on 3 different monoblock amps. But, I haven't compared other cords on the amps, so Ozzy and Bigkidz would have a better perspective on that.
How do power cables from these two company different from each other?

One way they differ is in the customer service displayed by their owners. Scott Hall, owner of Electra Glide Audio, has abysmal customer service, whereas by all accounts David Elrod has excellent customer service.
I have both brands of cords and find the Elrods have greater clarity than the EG equivalents, which are fine in their own right but tend to smooth out the sound a bit. And David Elrod is one of the finest people to deal with I have encountered in over 30 years in this mania.


But which EG's and Elrod's?

Are you comparing apples to apples?

I have read in numerous posts that the newest top-of-the-line EG's (mini_Khan Plus, Ultra Khan, Epiphany, X, etc.)are are much more transparent and not as warm as the top-of-the-line Elrod's.

I hesitate to even mention, much less recommend, EG's because of Scott Hall's miserable reputation, but I have his cables and I find them to be excellent.
Using Electraglides on front end for best transparency and sense of openness; using Elrods from wall to conditioner and from conditioner to amps for body, power and full-range dynamics. This combination works very well in my system.

From a customer service perspective, David Elrod is as good as it gets and will bend over backwards to be helpful. A truly great guy to work with. I would just call him and ask your questions.