Elrod vs Cerious

Has anyone compared Elrod cabling to Cerious cables?  They seem to be 2 of the more highly regarded companies out there, although Elrod is quite a bit more money.
Just curious.....
I have no experience with Cerious though I am happy to tell you about Elrod as I've been through 3 different parts of the line over the last 7 years.  Also, there are guys out there that have come over from very high-end cables from many well known names...perhaps they will offer help as well.

There are a couple of lengthy threads here covering Cerious Technology cables.  One is for their initial Graphene Extreme offering, the other for their best line, the Graphene Matrix. 

I don't recall Elrod coming up in those threads, but they are long and I may have missed it.  Both threads do discuss a number of other higher priced cables that people have compared them to.

It seems trying a cable you may be considering is the only real way to know for sure.  I started using the Graphene Extreme cables with great results.  When they launched the Matrix line, I jumped on the speaker cables as those seem to be where the most gains are felt.  

Good luck with your search.