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It is said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This is true for many things in life including audio component systems. My system had consisted of the following equipment:

BAT REX preamp
Spectron MKII amp w/bybee and v-cap
BAT VK-D5SE cd player
Gallo 3.1 speakers
Spectron Remote Sense speaker cables
Synergistic Research Tesla interconnects
Synergistic Research power cables for BAT equipment
Harmonic Technology power cable for amp

Now many of you would assume that the weakest link here would be the last link. The Gallo speakers. Ah, but you would be wrong. Especially if you actually heard them in my system. Besides, this review is being posted under Cables, not Speakers.

The weakest link in this configuration were the Remote Sense speaker cables. I am not saying that these are bad speaker cables. Comparative to other speaker cables that had been on the market these were fine cables. But then I recently bought the also recently rolled out new Elrod Silver Signature speaker cables. These cables have been a revelation to me. I had always been skeptical about rolling out big bucks for speaker cables. Cables are cables, they are just passing current. Right? Boy was I wrong. Remember when you were taught in school how electricity flows like water. That all came back to me when I hooked up these cables. A stream or river with no obstructions will run smooth and clean. When rocks or obstructions get in the way you get rapids with the water swirling and churning. Swapping out the Remote Sense for the new Elrod Silver Signature speaker cables have removed those obstructions. I now have the cleanest signal that I have ever heard. Using another metaphor it is like taking the kink out of the garden hose and instead of getting sputtering dribbles of water I am now getting a full clean smooth flow of musical information.

The sound I am now hearing is nothing short of spectacular! It's like I have a new completely upgraded system. The highs are loftier, the mids more full bodied and the lows more solid. The soundstage is wider, deeper and higher. And the imaging, oh my, the imaging is so precise it goes beyond definition, And lets not forget clarity. The precision is outstanding! One other thing these cables do is take you into the very heart of the music. I can now hear the true darkness of many of the Cowboy Junkies songs on Black Eyed Man, the real passion of Stevie Ray Vaughn's guitar riffs, the deep soul of Van Morrison's Too Long in Exile, the punch and pizzaz of big band music when listening to Diane Schuur, the precison of Mozart, the raw emotion of Mahler or Shostakovich. I could go on and on.

So do the Elrod Silver Signature speaker cables produce all of these spectacular sounds. Of course not. But what they will do is give your electronics and speakers the capablity to reach their fullest playback potential. They will remove the obsructions, the kink in the garden hose, the weak link. You can spend thousands, tens of thousands, of dollars on electronics and speakers but unless you get these cables you will always have that weak link and you will not be hearing your systems full potential.

Obviously I highly recommend the Elrod Silver Signature speaker cables. And the better equipment you have the better you will hear. The MSRP is a little under $3K for a six foot pair. Not cheap but worth every cent in audio terms.

I am in no way affiliated with Elrod nor do I deal in the merchandising of audio equipment in any way. I am just a music lover who wants to pass the word on a spectacular product.
David Elrod suggest to anyone who feel his cables are too inflexible to warm them up before installation e.g. to place outside on sun during the summer or to use hairdryer during the winter.

All The Best
They are actually quite flexible.
How flexible are they?
As far as I know, he is. One dealer is MCV Consulting (803-589-9161).
IsDavis selling his new speaker cables through dealers?