elrod power cable

ive heard lots of nice things abouts these cables, but from i see on pictures the connector is square.. i wonder if those will fit in a standard outlet.. or do one need something special. maybe a dumb question, but still. connectors here in Europe is usually deep and round..
Hi, it seems that the Elrod have us style three prong connector, while you have a european one with two holes. It is very unlikely that you would able to put together the two. Of course, human beings are able to do so many things, that you might even solve this problem. But, I am afraid, what you need to do is to buy a schuko plug adaptor. You can find a lot on the web. Have a good search.
hehe.. yes i know about the different connectors.. i was talking about the European one. the connector itself is square, i didnt mean the plugs. the wall outlet is round, so a normal shuko would fit, not a square one. i dont know why they have made them like that. im sure it fits somewhere in Europe, not here or my neighbour country. too bad.
Sorry, for the joke. Why dont you email David Elrod and ask him?
I have one idea. Try the eichmann distributor. It has such a configuration, that virtually you can use any plug which is produced in the world.
i found the email adress to david elrod, and sent him a message. he will make me a cable with the right connector for my country. there is no dealer for it here or in any of the neighbour countries, so i can get them straight from the factory. very nice, as the price drops a bit.
I found David to have excellent service and pricing.