ELROD new MASTER SERIES Statement Gold,a true surprise; changes the game considerably

ELROD new MASTER SERIES Statement Gold Power Cord:

Installed ONE of these in the system today on my Esoteric A-02 power amp to replace a 2 year old Elrod Statement Gold next-gen cable as a test.

Cable was cooked for 6 days and then rounded out by David on his system to a full 2 weeks of burn-in. 

To say the design changes are major would be a huge understatement....double the width of the widest ribbons used to date and double the count over what was already his latest generation design for Statement Gold; that's all that can be said. Furutech's latest FI-50 NCF connectors are utilized as they were determined to be superior to anything else available.

Within the first 12 hours the phrase (which I've only used once before for any cable) "component-level upgrade" came to mind. It's as if my amp had been further upgraded along with my entire system. This is no exaggeration and I'm surprised at the uplift from a single power cord from the level I already was experiencing. All frequency bands experienced significant changes for the better, an already 3-dimensional wrap-around soundstage on most recordings became an even more dense, musical energy-filled 3D wrap-around deeply immersive soundstage on EVERY recording, every note, voice, etc...became even more real and life-like, inner detail increased on most material (already have tons of inner detail thanks to the TAD R1s), musical energy increased in the room and the listener is pulled even deeper into the recording. I found myself rewinding or starting tracks over many times as the surprise factor with this change was extremely high.

I had talked to a couple of guys who had gone this route picking up this brand new cable family in the last month; they were saying that the Master Series Golds eclipsed the Diamond and MBX2 families of cables and simply blew the doors off the latest Statement Gold generation. That all sounded hard to believe (particularly the part about eclipsing MBX2 and Diamond/X2; after 12 hours, I do believe it to be true...

Tough part about the Elrod line is the website has not been updated in a long, long time as more time is spent on design and build than on marketing. My advice is to reach out to me or others using these cables and get some candid conversations going. Also, you can easily reach David Elrod via phone / email; he's a wealth of knowledge and will discuss cables, music, system design/synergy with any serious audio-nut.

It's been a very surprising day!
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Hi zephyr24069: What's the MSRP of the new Elrod Master Series Gold AC cord? Thank you in advance.
Yoby,...good day!  I am not a dealer nor do I work for Elrod or any other audio manufacturer so I don't quote prices.  Your profile reads that you are in the US? Where in the US are you? (Send me a PM if more comfortable with that approach).  I'll connect you either with Elrod himself or one of the 2 dealers I know of in the US.   One way or the other, these are very enticing power cords; can't believe what 1 did for my system that I might add I was already VERY happy with and thought I was done for quite a while on power cords (given I could not ever afford the Elrod Diamonds).  Have a great day!
Toby as far as I remember this are very expensive.

Interesting you should 'remember' these are very expensive jayctoy as they are brand new offerings in the Elrod line of cables in the last few weeks.  
Touchy subject I guess. Fatwyre lists them as $5500 for 6 foot. Looks like the same one. Lists as Elrod power systems statement gold. Maybe different because it doesn't have master in the title, but gives us an idea of the price though.
At $5500.00 should be great not cheap though.
My bad, that's an old model. Still, probably in the ball park price-wise. 
If I would buy pc today, I will wait for the Reveal pc, try Nordost tyr pc, and cerious tech, then compare El Rod,
I still like my old Elrod EPS-3 Signature power cord, I can only imagine the improvements as the Elrod line has advanced.

Lak: Great to hear from you!  The EPS-3 was a whole other sonic signature and type of cable.  The latest Statement Golds in the years preceding this really opened up soundstage, imaging, dynamics, energy (musical) and realism in a way that I cannot sufficiently describe…

Jayctoy: Best of luck with those cables, they are all great cables with reputation for bringing great sound to anyone who owns them!

ebm: Definitely,…most things in this hobby at mid to upper levels set one back a good amount fortunately (the sonic results) or unfortunately (for the wallet)!!!

baxman: Only touchiness on the subject is that I don’t want this to turn into either 1 or 2 active threads that are ratholes on Agon right now for those to bash anyone who spends higher dollars on cables that they hear differences from other contenders while espousing the view point that it’s all hype, we cannot possibly be hearing differences that transcend what inexpensive cables can provide, etc….The other ‘sensitivity’ for me personally is that I am not a dealer or distributor of any kind so I don’t quote prices for any reason.  Elrod and I have been friends for many years but he has a strict “no direct sale” policy even for his closet friends. I always go through a dealer so I respect the model and don’t play in the grey area on any forum. Hope this makes my answer a bit more clear;  anyone saying they remember the prices being expensive on what I am writing about here that are only a few weeks old on the market and the price I’m told was only recently set is obviously got an axe to grind I simply won’t ‘go there’. 

Have a great day all!!!

David Elrod has always made fabulous cords. I wish I could afford his current offerings, but alas, he has out-priced my lifestyle.

Nevertheless, enjoy the new cord!

Zephyr, you replaced your Legacy speakers with the TAD's?
How long ago?
Due to a long-running WAF-related issue with the active speaker config using an extra 2 platforms, 2 more components, 3 more power cords and 2 more pair of interconnects and any upgrade path there introducing more 'ugly audio nut stuff in the room', I had to downsize from the AERIS system complexity unfortunately.  The R1s arrived just before Christmas from Japan.
zephyr24069, your system is still awesome!

A classy system owned by a classy guy.

'ugly audio nut stuff in the room': Priceless!

zephyr24069, your system is still awesome!

+1 Larry!
We all should be so unfortunate as to have to downsize to level that poor zephyr finds himself in! Hahaha!

Those TAD's are nice zephyr! I'm sure that you are not suffering too badly. ;^)

Lak: Thank you very much!

Dave: Very much appreciate that and I agree the irony and humor of that last phrase are priceless. I’m sure we all know the feeling when whatever we like, be it a couple great bikes, a boat (or 2), golf clubs/pricey golf member dues, etc....all get called into question. I have 1 hobby (that costs, the rest like hiking, camping, etc...don’t),...music. This is no different I suppose from any of those other Men are from Mars things (no disrespect to the ladies who love this hobby as much as we all do).

You know what they say; death, taxes and CHANGE are the only constants in the universe :-)

John: Thank you very much! I hear the old joke playing in my head; "You want some cheese with that whine???<LOL>!!!" Definitely not a poor me story at all; just love my old setup as well!

What the R1s outline is just how damned amazing the AERIS+HDPlex+Wavelet was at 1/3 the price. The R1s do many wonderful things but they highlight just how far you have to go to get what the AERIS combo I had bring to the table; and, the R1s are missing 1/2 an octave of bass at the bottom-end (AERIS went down to 16Hz flat in my room). There are many things that the R1s do differently in the total frequency spectrum that I love to hear and respect but they are a different approach to the same musical goals I easily achieved with the AERIS and now with a lot more hard work, the R1s.
Ironically enough, this is a downsize from a system size and complexity point of view....

Oh well...back to great tunes!
No worries, I'm not one of those flat-earth people and I'm all for spending whatever one wants for cabling a system( I do it too). I just don't see the big deal at least hinting at a price, especially if dealers are involved. But it's all good, I meant no ill will. 
Baxman: Truly sorry my multi-responses were not clear.  N/P at all with your post or questions and I was not lumping you in the category from the other thread.  Humble apologies from my side to you.  

It comes down to the fact that I gave my word and I hold to that no matter what in life. 

Send me a private message here with a number where I can reach you; happy to talk this evening and fill in some more details on what I heard/am hearing today.
They sound awesome...I'd like to try one.
My apologies, I didn't realize a promise was made. It's cool. Maybe I will PM you some time and we can discuss the joy of power cords.

whom is your dealer/retailer?  Happy Listening!
baxman: sounds good, looking forward to the conversation!
Member name here is Strapper211 (Robert); he's a great guy and represents Elrod, LAMM and several other high-end brands. His company name is SOACables (dot com). Reach out to him and he'll take good care of you whatever product (cables or otherwise) you are interested in.
Thanks! for sharing.
Sounds as if the new power cord  made your old power cord sound broken!, I understand,  happened to me with an interconnect. 
No,...it did not make my current cords sound 'broken'; that would imply there is something wrong with the Statement Gold latest gen PCs, interconnects and speaker cables and 2 Statement Silver PCs that I have when nothing could be further from the truth.  The new Master Series I am testing sounds that much 'more' in many key areas.

Well, it's official; I formally added a 10 ft. version of the Master Series Statement Gold to my A-02 amp and a 9 foot version between my C-02 pre-amp and Isotek EVO3 SIGMAS power conditioner. The 7 foot version has been turned in (it was on loan for testing) and is on its way to another demo situation. 

All I can say is that after a lot of listening with the first cord and now with 2 in the system, and those being the only changes in quite some time since the TAD R1s arrived, I am left with only one thought; "HOW CAN A POWER CORD DO THAT?!?!?!".  I don't want to step over any lines here, nor am an employee, dealer or what some people affectionately refer to as a "plant" or a "shill". I simply am extremely impressed with Elrod's cables over the years and had thought I was hearing everything my system is capable of.  In short, I was wrong and there is a sound emerging from the system that is a step above (and then some) what I was already considering amazing.  I'll keep my comments to this level; it's been a very good and musically enjoyable week!
Zephyr , Nordost Vishnu, Kimber gold pk 10 power cords gave me that statement too, How can a power cord do that? Yes but they do.

Good to know you've experienced the same surprise :-) !
Ah, what wonders are in store... 

Kudos, zephyr, for your spirit of discovery. :) 

Thank you Doug...it's great to hear from you. I hope that all is well with you, your family and your various audio systems and forays into new and interesting equipment, setup, etc...!!!
I'm glad to read that you are enjoying your new Elrod Master Series Statement Gold power cords zephyr!

I can't imagine that I will ever get the chance to listen to one, though I have had a few very old Elrod EPS-2/3 Signature and Statement cords in my system over the years.
One day I may hit the lottery, so there is always a chance. ;^)

I just saw a Elrod Statement Gold cord pop up for sale on the used market.
Though I might have been tempted, as it's price is pretty high for me, but not unthinkable.

Your comment in the opening post: 

Master Series Golds simply blew the doors off the latest Statement Gold generation.

managed to remove any gnawing temptations. Thank you!

Enjoy your awesome system!!
JMC,...it's great to hear from you. Just to clarify that in my original post, the phrase "blew the doors off..." was a quote of what others with the cables compared to MBX2 and Diamond had told me. My opinion is somewhat different in that the Statements Golds I own would stay in place in my system and never be upgraded as they were giving me everything I ever looked for in terms of performance, imaging, musicality of the final result of the speakers, etc.... What the Masters Series gives me are the bits that I did not know my equipment was capable of rendering, i.e. what I've mentioned below and that I've only heard from the most expensive SET gear on 2 very rarefied systems ever before.  
David's cables are simply THE FINEST I have ever heard...


Definitely agree with you on that!
I have been saying, for years,  that cables and power cords are fun!
Aren't they?  Happy Listening!
Alright, I'll bite, since I haven't heard any cord made by David Elrod in the last 10 years or more. 

All I have ever owned are his EPS-2/3 Signature and Statement cords, which are what? 12, 15 years old?

Anyway, my take on them is that they are very powerful, rich, vibrant, and musical cords which offer a well layered sound-stage.
However, as I recall, they do not provide a high resolution sonic picture.

So I am wondering how his newer designs stack up with cords like PranaWire Vajra SE, Nordost Valhalla 2, Stealth Dream V12, or other cords using silver as far as the resolution offered by David's newer designs.
Good question John, I'd be interested in that answer also.

" Anyway, my take on them is that they are very powerful, rich, vibrant, and musical cords which offer a well layered sound-stage.
However, as I recall, they do not provide a high resolution sonic picture. "

Good questions....I have no experience with the EPS cords or anything prior to very late 2011/early 2012 but have heard similar feedback from several friends and other audiophiles that I've communicated with over the years. 

Speaking only for those Statement Gold and Silver powercords, Statement Gold interconnects and Signature Gold and currently, Statement Gold speaker cables in my system prior to the MASTERS SERIES, I can tell you all of the above positive feedback/attribute list is true of what I hear as well accompanied with great pacing/timing accuracy of the music, soft to extremely full-on dynamics, ultra-quiet backgrounds and energy together with a very accurate and high-resolution sonic picture.  The high-resolution sonic picture is not just instrument and voice plus ensemble placement accuracy but also accuracy of size of an instrument, voice or ensemble in the sound-stage.  Another attribute I've noticed in addition to the well-layered sound-stage is also the sheer size of the sound stage in all 3 dimensions plus the wrap-around sound when recordings are laid down properly in 2 channel.

From what I understand, Elrod has added/modified his designs extensively in recent years and is always innovating and looking for the ideal combination of metals (there is much more than OFC/top-tier copper in his cables but I don't know details beyond that), sizes/layout of ribbons and the terminations, connectors and techniques) and topology to give an incredible capacitive effect in his cables without smearing, blurring or tonal coloring.  My own experience listening has definitely supported this as I hear all that I've written above and more accompanied with getting my system to be incredibly musical and have certain tube-like harmonics and transient behavior that I've only heard in the finest all-tube, all-analog systems; all the while having a 100% solid-state and digital=>analog system.

All of that is up to the latest iterations of Statement Gold products that I've been using for anywhere from 1 to 4+ years.  Take all of that feedback and then add the "final 1%" audible improvements I've written about with these first MASTERS SERIES Statement Gold cords I'm using and you have one hell of an audio performance emerging from my speakers. In fact, as I have mentioned these singleton powercord-only updates have shown me things that that amp, preamp and Transport/DAC are capable of over and above what I ever thought possible having been extremely happy with the Statements Golds I've been using with great success.

These cords and the prior Statement Gold and Signature Gold are larger than many other choices (but smaller than some I've seen), require a bit of planning and measuring to ensure proper length, layout, no major bending, etc...and are top of the heap (and beyond) as far as being well beyond anything I thought I'd ever be spending on cables but they are well worth it and I'm glad I was introduced back in late 2010. For me, Statement and the new MASTERS SERIES are 'destination' and it will take me some years to move up to MASTERS SERIES across the entire system, after that I plan to be done.  I hear there are MASTERS SERIES "Diamond" level that those who are fortunate enough to be able to try/have in their systems are raving about; I'll never get there for several key reasons but at the same time, I cannot imagine what I am not hearing per se as what I do hear is at times, beyond words.

Have a great day!
Thanks for the information zephyr24069 :-)
Yes, thanks for your thorough reply zephyr24069.

Now it’s just a matter of which car to sell so that I can try out some of David’s newer designs. ;^)

after that I plan to be done.

If I had a cable/cord for every time I heard that line.......sigh.
You are very welcome....happy to help!  Note the wiggle-room in the phrase "I plan to be done,..." :-) !!!

I agree with all of you that David is a true gentleman and one of the finest power cord/cable designers of our era. I once owned a full loom of his cords in the Statements, Gold Statements, and a trial run with two Gold Statement X-2's.

My only complaint in owning them was the bulk and the timeframe to reach their full capacitance after an unplug. It had nothing to do with what they did to my system as they are wonderfully musical tools.

I have no doubt his new Master series is a winner. Best of luck to David and all those that are fortunate enough to own them.


I absolutely agree with all that you've written about the designer; his constant innovation and desire to break new ground in his designs has helped me evolve my system to sound as I never thought possible.  The components and speakers I have now and have had in the past are great and offer world-class sound (IMHO); the Statement Gold PC(s), interconnects and speakers cables I use and now the Masters Series in select spots in the system helped me find the maximum performance of all my gear.  I am constantly amazed at the difference that power cords, interconnects and speaker cables can make as prior to 2006-2007 I was a huge skeptic and in this regard and NEVER thought at all seriously to put this much focus (and hard work/resources) in any HT, hybrid or dedicated 2-channel audio I've owned, "just into cables"!  The truth is with cables of this grade or others from Elrod, Kubala, Esoteric/Mexcel, WW, etc..that I've owned, Stage 3 and others that you and others have owned, these damned cables are full-on "components" in the system in an of themselves.  

His power cords and also the speaker cables and interconnects I've found have a literally mind-blowing capacitive capability/effect in the system.  Due to size and topology of the 'main body' of the cable and the other factors, they do require some extra thinking, planning, measuring and elegance/time put into placement but it is all more than worth it is all more than worth it in the long run!  

I have an all SS system; I have found my system sounds best if I simply leave it on 24x7 and power cycle the system with demag afterward every 10-14 days. This is also better for power supplies in the long run so I only experience the ramp-up time every couple of weeks; what I've found is that after things have more than 1000 hours on them, that the ramp-up/recharge phase only takes a few hours after a power-cycle, a bit more if the system is fully down for many days if I'm out of town for work, vacation, etc....

In short, if I ever worked in the audio industry as a dealer or a distributor, Elrod cables would be one of the first 5 most critical lines I would represent, the others being of course TAD, Legacy Audio, Isotek and Esoteric.  This list led by choice of cables first believe it or not, comes after many years of trial and error and for me, iis 'the' great list of "go to" brands for the best of musical enjoyment and performance at each given level.  There are clearly others but for me, this is where I would start.

I've heard good things about the Stage3 cords you show in your system...many people seem to love them and chase an entire loom of them after they hear them.  You have a beautiful system as well; I'm going to post on your thread in a little while. It must sound fantastic!!!