Elrod esp2 for Turntable power supply


I have been experimenting with borrowed cables on my TT power supply, has anyone installed a ribbon cable to their power supply?

I am thinking of getting an elrod esp-2, or maybe a shunyata python alpha.

Haven't tried an Elrod but pair of the cheaper Shunyata's made a difference. Why, I have no idea but it does. Down on my list of things to change is replace all of power cables.
Hi James, I used a Omega Micro ribbon cable for years on my SME 20/2 power supply. Now I am using a Purist Dominus Ferrox.

I hear the same types of changes on the motor controller I hear with the power cord on say the pre amp.

I know it's strange, given it goes to a motor, then a belt then etc etc... but it's pretty obvious.

Also try putting your motor controller on cones, pucks or some sort of isolation, you'll hear that to!
IM using ELECTAGLIDE GANGUS KHAN on my RAVEN AC1 its better and very much more Midrange Bloom Etc also HI FI TUNING FUSE on moter contoler.