Elrod EPS-3S versus EPS-3

For folks who have tried both....how big a difference is apparent between the 2 models, and what are those differences?

Funny you should ask. The Sig 3 has slightly deeper bass and is more natural sounding in the mids, it just sounds more real. I tired the cords in two different systems on a Pass X-250 SS amp and a Graaf 5050 tube amp with the same results. I would buy a Sig 3 for the used prices and put one on my amp. We also tried using the non EPS-3 on the CDP but the combo did not work well at all. Too much of a good thing as it sounded a little slow. I tired the Sig 2 on the CDP a long time ago with the Sig 3 on the amp but did not find the Sig 2 added any real improvement at that time, in that system. If you only have enough scratch for the non EPS 3, buy it and don't look back.

Happy Listening.
In my opinion the Signatures are clearly better - less colored, more open, more transparent, and cleaner.
I have tried both the original EPS-3 and the EPS-3S and the latter, the Signature is significantly better. One thing I did come across on both is that they both tend to have "one-note" bass. Some people have called this a "wooly" or "bloated" bass.I would like to thank Audiogon member Bwhite for pointing this out and making a recommendation in his virtual system of using another good power cord to help out the Elrods in this respect. I recently bought a Vh Audio Hot Box with the upgraded nickel-plated outlets and auric capacitors. After extensive break-in, I plugged my Elrod EPS-3S into it and "Voila!" The "one-note" bass disappeared and the bass actually grew deeper with better articulation and individualization.This "one-note" bass,IMHO, was the only flaw of the Elrod, and now with a little help from the Hot Box,is truly a reference power cord.
I have both the EPS-3 and the EPS-3S in my system. I did not observe the so called "one-note" bass character. In fact, I thought that both cables had very good bass definition. As usual, observations are system dependent

By the way, the EPS-3S is markedly better than the EPS-3.
Sherod - Based on a great deal of experience with the Elrods and other cords, I don't believe the "one note bass" you heard was the "fault" of the EPS-3 Signature. I've had the opposite experience, and it seems that your experience once you used the "Hot Box" would confirm the problem was elsewhere in your AC. In any case, I just want to add that the 3 version of the Elrod cords can sound a little bloated, if used on relatively low current devices. The 2 versions are the cords designed for these.
Jfz, I appreciate your opinion. I see you don't have a virtual system posted, so I can't see where you are currently using an Elrod cord. Could you be more specific about your "extensive" use of the Elrods? Have you tried the 3 version on amps as well as front end? I have read that some people have had positive results with the 3 as well as the 2 on front end components. I'll admit that there is a possibility that I could have a potential AC problem which was helped by the Hot Box.
Hi Sherod,

I'm using Elrods on all my components, including line conditioners. I was one of the early users of the original cords. In fact, I even got to try an EPS-1. I kept on upgrading and trying different combinations. Yes, the 3 versions are designed for amps, and that's where I've used them. I tried a 3 on my preamp and my digital components, and found the bass was somewhat bloated or wooly. I hope this helps.