Elrod EPS-3 sign. or BMI Shark for the Hydra ?

Can somebody tell me the difference between those two great powerchords ?
1) Which one has a bigger soundstage ?
2) Which one has more slam, dynamics and authority ?
3) which one is brighter ?
4) Which one is more 3-D ?
I need to apologize to Brian at BMI regarding my initial post. He called me and pointed out two errors I have made. First off I am a two time BMI Whale MkI owner. I mistakenly was thinking of the EEL and not the Shark cord. I have no experience with the Shark. Secondly it would not be possible to make a Shark cord work on a Hydra conditioner. The fitting required is not able to fit the size wire used in the BMI.
Apology accepted JD.

Have a Nice weekend & enjoy the Music.


Brian Introcaso