ELP fans

if you like ELP you must pick up the new Keith Emerson Band cd.very good and it will give you audio system a kick.enjoy.
Is this a new one for 2009 or the one from 2008? I have always loved ELP. Thanks for the insight, John
Thanks for that!

Before I order, I have seen Japanese pressings being offered, do you (or anyone else) know whether these are higher quality or just hype?
I'm probably really old-fashioned, but I still love my original LP of "Trilogy." There's something about that record which would make Mussorgsky proud.
yeah, thanks for the reminder....take a pebble is going on next self titled
Benny the bouncer................gertcha!
this is the 2009.the sound quality is awesome,this is not the japanese pressing
the cd is titled the keith emerson band featuring marc bonilla.it is 2008 release,i don`t think there is a 2009