ELO and the search for SQ

I like ELO's music! But the quality of my 3 cd compilation of their music (Afterglow) has always disappointed.  The recordings are really lackluster. Then I came across an ELO song on a 70's compilation cd and it was gorgeous - clean and detailed and dynamic. So now I'm on the hunt for quality recordings of their music. Even though I have a VPI Classic 3, my preference is to go digital (I'm getting lazy). Will the digital downloads from HDtracks or Acoustic Sounds give me the SQ I'm looking for? Are the 192/24 downloads worth the extra expense over the 96/24 downloads?  

Well, I cannot answer for you the obvious questions regarding room, acoustics and so on.

I am currently listening with my Classic3 Sig. SE and on "OOTB" US  (lp) pressing, it sounds wonderful!

What struck me when I first put this lp on my Classic 3 was how WIDE the soundstage is, (the non-digital glare), the PRAT is outstanding!

I suggest you look elsewhere within your system for any faults.

I recall reading a previous post of yours regarding acoustic treatments. You posted at that time you have your system set up in a corner of your room.

I'd suggest you start to examine this sort of system placement before any kind of cd vs.lp war.

Good luck.
you're never going to be able to hear what that TT can retrieve from your lps until you provide it's proper placement and associated gear, IE: acoustic treatments, speaker placement.......
A failure on my part to communicate - i own no Electric Light Orchestra lps. I was hoping for recommendations for high quality digital recordings of ELO. If none exist, I will opt for vinyl. 

Speaking of ELO, Jeff Lynne produced an album in 1993 for Julliana Raye entitled Something Peculiar, and it is fantastic!
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Rockyboy -

Man your thread brought me vivid memories of the ELO concert way back when now.

Venue - Exibition Stadium - Toronto

We were sitting on the left side of the stage, about 100 feet ? back from the massive (left) side speaker array. Then there was the right side.

Hmmm.........two channel....... What a concept .......

All of a sudden smokes starts billowing coming down on the stage .... and the spaceship lands.......
First song.

Evil woman.

Thanks for letting me ramble...

my stuff is all vinyl but I do have some ELO albums on CD.
Love OOTB btw - I used to use the Concert For A Rainy Day Side - to pump myself up prior to playing sports. My wife doesn’t even know this.

On that album OOTB "Out of the the Blue" as far as loudness wars go. Note the superiority of the vinyl from the DR database.


The Hi Res files digital files did not fare any better than regular CD in this databse. DR - One aspect to consider.

Happy Listening
Spent the evening listening to an old Iron Butterfly lp (Ball) and to Hugh Masekela's "Hope" 45rpm lp. Got me excited about the thought of ELO on vinyl. Your post with the DR database just confirmed my decision to buy vinyl. Thanks much. 
 I have both and will always grab the viynl ...
Done deal! Buying ELO on vinyl.
Just wish I had a used record store in the area. Acoustic Sound is mucho pricey! Thanks for everyone's great input.