Ellla for the Holiday

I'm over Vince Guaraldi for the Holidays. Too much of a good thing I suppose.

But, Ella is taking his place and I'm loving it. Right now I'm listening to "Ella Wishes you a swinging Christmas".

No comment on the sound stage or extension but the mood is swinging.

By the way God... Happy Chanukah and other special days I missed.

Especially. any religion that might be happening in North Korea. Amen


Any fan of Ella has MY attention and respect.

Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and Peace to all.

would be nice, if the current crop of singers. Take a lesson from this great diva. And learn their way how to sing a song.
Her discography is vast but I'm doing the best I can. Happy Holidays to all our Agon brethren/sistren.