Ella Fitzgerald Classic 45

I just got a copy of "Let No Man Write My Epitaph", which I'm thrilled about. I received 2 records with 3 tracks each. Is this the complete package? I've heard so much about this(can't wait to get home and listen to it)but assumed it was the whole lp, not half of it.

that is the complete package. it is my ultimate test for system neutrality. Ella's voice is ALL there.....and anything that gets in the way or colors it jumps right out.

i call it the 'Ella' test.....and many pretty damn good pieces didn't pass this test.

i have an unopenned set of this 45rpm set just in case.

I wasn't aware of this set, when did it come out? May I ask where you got it? I looked on all the Classic Records distributors website and can't find it.
it has been out of print for 5 or 6 years. on Ebay or Audiogon it has sold for around $200 to $350.

my back-up copy is not for sale.

i have never heard a better sounding record.
There are few better recorded voices as well.
It's was released in 1999, a sealed copy sold on Ebay last week that I bid on at a $100.00. There was also a 20bit Gold CD title offered of the same title by Classic Records. This was the only other Ella by Classic along with Here comes Charlie.
Yes, Ella! I just picked up the remastered LP of Ella sings the Cole Porter song book this weekend. Remastered (re-released 1976) from glorious Mono but absolutely riveting music AND sound quality. That voice and phrasing! Cost me all of $7.00 at Amoeba Records in LA. Next time I go back there I will look for Let No Man Write My Epitaph. Thanks.
sorry audiobugged, that was me who picked it up on ebay. and it is terrific by the way. just sorry that classic didn't go all the way and include the whole album. i have an original mono copy that sounds great by the way, and wasn't tough to find. while the 45 has more depth and focus, the original is very good and recommended.
Awe Ooh INSOMNIA PAYS OFF! I almost fell out of my seat the other night when I stumbled across the "Let No Man Write My Epitaph" Classic set in an Ebay Store last week. I thought it would be the 2 lp, 45rpm set. I thought this was fishy as it was only 25 dollars?

Well I did not know this but what arrived was a Mint 180g Classic Records 33rpm single Lp. I didn't realize this even existed, as it has the complete track listing not just 6. I'm still in awe, as last night the same fellow listed the Billie Holiday Songs For Distingue Lovers mentioning it was Mint & the 2 lp 45rpm set, at 40 bucks. Which I guess is only 6 tracks too?

It pays not to sleep!