Elite Rock Turntable with Excalabur Tonearm

I am interested in communicating with all who have owned or presently own this fatastic turntable/arm combination. I would love to know about any upgrades as well as where to get trough and bearing fluid? Would you also share where you purchase belts for this turntable? Finally, please share with me what cartridge, mats, etc. you use with this beautiful work of art. THANKS MUCH!
Relatively common in the UK.

Fluids and belts all available on ebay.

Not aware of any real significant upgrades over the original. The trough has a significant stranglehold over the final sound so any small gains possible with tweaks are less obvious.

These turntables provide a very individual sound that is impactful and emotional with superb bass and great timing and rhythm. They may not have the last word in air and details but neither are they clinical sounding like a lot of those mega detailed turntables I have owned. They also have a restricted soundstaging presentation which in my opinion is closer to the truth. These comments mostly apply to the versions 2 and 3 i have owned. The rock reference is the ultimate.Not heard his latest reinvention of the turntable though.
This sounds less than Fantastic and more like Problematic to me having read your description of questions. It sounds as though there is no customer support, and that the table is a flawed design which need lots of help...

Thanks much for the information you provided. I am attempting to try and find as many individuals as possible who has this turntable. I do have the Original Rock Table and it is a fabulous machine. Once I get settled in my new home I will be using this turntable with Audio Research pre and amplifier as well as a set of Magnapan 1.6 speakers. I am still looking at cartridges and will make up my mind soon. Again sir, thanks so much for taking the time to communicate your experiences with this find turntable.