Elite DV-09 vs. Progressive Scan

I'm trying to make heads or tails of this Progressive Scan thing. I have a Mitsubishi digital TV and I'm looking to get a new DVD player. How does a great older player like a Elite DV-09 stack up against a newer progessive scan unit? Is progressive scan all that important? I'm getting married and my bride to be is even talking about buying me a player (yep, I found one) but we don't want to spend too much so it's bang for the buck time. Help?!
AS far as the 09--- It depends on what display device it's hooked up to. For most HD display devices; Progressive is the way to go.---- THAT is why they came out; thus devaluating players like the 09---which has croma bug issues. Get you one of them medium priced, progressive players with the dcdi chip (See Yamaha line)
I echo the Avguy's observations. The industry has totally embraced progressive scanning so it really doesn't matter what you are/were comparing it to. And, yes there are different quality progressive scanners. Usually it is used at the DVD player but there are many high end units like plasma (but not all) and HDTV's that have their own progressive scanner. You then have a choice on which unit to use it. There are whole web-groups out there that are only about Home Theater and they go as deep into it as we on audiogon do our music.

Make me the third guy who echos "Avguygeorge's" observation. The Pioneer Elite DV-09 was a great player back in its day. It was definitely a rival to another great player that was out at the time (and that [other] player would be the Sony DVP-S7700). But I think that now, the time has come and gone for this great player. Go ahead and get yourself a progressive scan player. You may be surprised as to how good and inexpensive these player REALLY are. But whichever one you get, make sure that it has a Faroudja DCDi chip inside of it. Just like "Avguygeorge" has said, the mid priced Yamahas have players that feature this chip. But so does the Philips DVDQ50AT and the Philips DVD963SA. And from what I understand (but something that I am not entirely sure about), a few of the Panasonics have it too. The most expensive one of the whole bunch is $500.00 (the Philips DVD963SA). The rest of them can be had for well under $300.00.

Good Luck (both in your search for a progressive scan DVD player and in your upcoming marriage).


P.S.: You're marrying a great gal, "Revdog". Women like her don't come along everyday. You better hold on to this one. A lot of us aren't as lucky. I know I'm not, that's for sure.

Get a Panasonic XP30 ($199 new from ebay)...best picture quality or a Panasonic RP91 ($400 used)...same picture but with DVD-Audio.

Check out hometheaterhifi.com for the complete DVD shootout.

Newer is not always better please don't confuse the two !Firstly I must say I own a Pioneer DVO9 and recently purchased a new progressive scan Philips because of the same line of thinking thats shared in this thread that the pioneer was great in its day.Dv-09 still looks better than the new player. Ok here is where the story gets intersting I was shopping for power conditioners recently at a local high end store here in Orlando. I struck up a conversation with a Faroudja tech who was setting up there high end video room for customer display when i noticed a Pioneer DV-09 box on the floor I jokingly asked him if he just used the box to transport his tools. He turned to me with a coy smile and said don't be fooled by all of the new player hype including progressive scan we still use this player to display our projectors and line doublers because its the closest to film on the market and the picture is unbeatable period ! wow strong words for a player past its prime the bottom line is you get what you pay for yes the prices have plummeted on players the main reason being technology has created cheaper more affordable chips but as the tech explained keep in mind they are just that cheaper and more affordable. If you truly believe that a $89.00 dollar progressive scan player which i recently saw on sale at blockbuster is as good as an old PIONEER dv-09 your fool hardy and i have some great swamp land for sale real cheap !

P.S try picking up one of the new player and then pick up a DV09 ENOUGH SAID!
The best you can do is demo in your own system. I did this a couple years ago and ended up with the EAD TheatervisionP. My mits 65907 looks almost as good as HD. The unit is outstanding. Take a look at "secrets of home theater" they know what video should look like.

Good luck and most of all have fun with it!

I was recently going through the same assesment, but already owning both a Sony 7000 (which I was looking to replace)and a Panasonic xp-30, for 2 different TVs.

My situation may be different than yours because I also wanted the player to double as a transport for a high-end 2-channel audio set-up (you didn't mention if audio performance was important to you).

I also didn't want to spend too much--especially with HD DVD seemingly just around the corner. Also, a lot can depend on the quality of the upconversion in the TV you're using now, or will be down the road (I'll probably (??)get a projector sometime soon).

For instance, my dealer told me that with his Marantz projector, it was better to let the projector do the de-interlacing (upconversion) and to use the regular component outs, than to use the progressive scanning in the DVD player.

My answer ultimately was to purchase a Sony 7700 with Modwright upgrades. That way, when HD DVD comes I can get a less expensive one but still use the 7700 for transport duties.

That said, the XP-30 looks really good with great detail into a 32" panasonic TV using progressive scan. But to buy another for my RP TV and then junk it in a year when HD DVDs are available didn't make sense. I already have too many older DVD players taking up space.