Elite bigscreen HDTV or Sony VPL-VW10HT?

Hi, What is the pros & con (performance wise) of buying a Pioneer Elite HDTV rear projection v.s Sony VPL-VW10HT LCD front projector assuming one has a dedicated hometheater? How is the Sony LCD video performance compare to the 70+ inches Elite HDTV? Please respond. Thanks
Toan - If you don't mind having a big cabinet between the speakers, then the Elite Pro-710 is the way to go. However, you would be limited to a 64 inch screen size. I also checked out the Sony LCD and compared it to Sharp's model 100 top of the line LCD projector and preferred the Sharp. Compared to the Sharp, the Sony has a softer picture(which I prefer), but the Sony has more visible artifacts. WOW! LCDs sure have come a long way. If ultimate picture quality is your goal, then the Pioneer can't be beat. But if you need a BIG picture, go with the front projector. Performance wise? Pioneer wins hands down.
I agree with Brandon. The Elite has an exquisite picture. An LCD pic cannot compare. The downside is the big box and fixed size. I've owned an Elite for 5 years and everyone who watches has been amazed at the clarity and purity of the picture and color.
I was trying to make this same decision a few months ago. The picture quality of the elite is a lot better. LCD has come a long way but it is still not as good as crt. I could not get use to the blacks on the Sony. Definetly buy the elite.
Where did you guys see the Sony? I checked all around the Wash DC area with no luck...do you know of an east Coast dealer that has one set up?
The Pioneer Elite HDTV's look ASTOUNDINGLY good. Then again, the price reflects what your paying to get. If your looking for best picture quality between the pieces mentioned, the Pioneer wins hands down. As to the comments about having a huge box between the speakers, you can always build a "false wall" and countersink the tv set. The false wall could also have a "closet" for all of your gear. This keeps all of the shiny lights and lcd displays from annoying / distracting you when trying to concentrate on the movie. If your speakers are strictly front firing, you could even sit them back ALMOST flush within the wall. Sean > >
I own the Sony VPL-W400Q LCD, the predecessor to the VPL-VW10HT, and have it set up in a dedicated media/home theater room. I find the picture quality to be very filmlike. Can it match the Elite set in absolute picture quality, no. But there is a large difference between a 64" screen versus what is possible with the Sony. I have a 92" 16:9 screen which is 45"h x 80"w. Many people go with 110" to 120" screens. To get the best picture you should use a higher gain screen from a manufacuture such as Da-Lite, but the Sony projector also works very well projected against a bright white wall masked with a black border. This doesn't occupy any floor space. The downsides of an LCD projector - you need complete light control (dark room) for the best picture, the blacks are really dark gray, there may be a very light magenta or green fog in the corners, color saturation and brightness levels are lower, and fan noise can be annoying. I built an enclosure for my VPL-W400Q to reduce the fan noise. The projector can be ceiling mounted which frees your entire floor area for seating, equipment, and speaker placement. Speaking of the latter if you value music play back you won't have a large RPTV sitting between your speakers. Bulb life is another factor, they are 300$+ a pop and last only about 1200hrs. Not so bad if you primarily use it for watching DVDs and the occasional sporting event. Personally I have no regrets making the decision to go with the projector instead of a 64"+ Hi-Def RP set.