Eliminating static electricity from albums??

In an attempt to eliminate some of the popping sounds on lps that are caused by static electricity, I use a zerostat gun as the final step of record cleaning. Are there other ways to solve this problem??
The zerostat gun is effective but rather expensive; and, I find that they seem to be programed for rather short life spans. would appreciate your views on how you handle static electricity and your opinions/suggestions on the zerostat device. Thanks for your responses.
Use carbon fiber brush before playing every side of vinyl and touch the grounded component in your system with the other hand.
End of Static Pops.

I had the impression that playing an LP causes static buildup. No?

I still use my trusty Zerostat gun before each play. Seems to still do its magic.
Has anyone noticed that if you take a statically charged record, hold it with hands at 180-degrees, and shake it back and forth (like you would shake a piece of sheet metal to make thunder, so it vibrates in and out), the static goes away. I discovered this in my teens. You can "feel" the static charge on a record by bringing it close to your nose - it must attract the small hairs on the skin. After "shaking" or vibrating the record, it no longer attracts the hairs.

I know you'll think I'm crazy, but try it and see!
After cleaning and just before play, to dispel static charge lift the LP from the turntable and touch its edge to the tip of your nose. It works, no kidding!
I've been cleaning my records for many years with my VPI 16.5 and Torumat Fluid. I don't know why, but the Torumat Fluid pretty much eliminates static electricity. After cleaning, the record gets a new rice paper sleeve. This technique removed the problem entirely.
Like Vvrinc and unlike Ncarv I find playing records often produces static buildup. My spindle and arm are both grounded but apparently there's still no good path from the vinyl to ground.

The old 'Dust Bug' type devices (sort of an extra tonearm with a brush instead of a cartridge) could be modded by adding conductive CF bristles and a ground wire. That would presumably do the trick.

Cleaning on my Loricraft invariably removes all static. I use a Zerostat after playing each side to remove any buildup. I'll have to try shakin' and nosin', good tips!
I clean them on a VPI 16.5 and treat them with Gruv Glide and that does the trick for me.
I got it direct from the Disc Doctor himself, and it seems to work for me (playing them). But, I live in South Florida, a very humid climate, so not a lot of static to begin with. I don't find the Zerostat, or my carbon fiber brush, does much for me in the way of static.
Rockvirgo - I think you have proved my method non-scientific! That is because before I shake (or "wobble" the record, I touch it to my nose. Then I wobble it, then test it by touching it to my nose again. The second time there is no static. Go figure!
Peter s, ok you caught me. The correct QUICK method is to touch first one edge AND THEN the opposite edge of the LP to one's nose. In stubborn cases keep nosing at various points along the edge until no detectable charge remains.

I of course applaud the wobble method so long as it includes the obligatory nosing.