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I have a tube system I have set up next to my TV but now have a pretty good hum. I have tried all the usual thing to get rid of it. Any suggestions other than moving it away from the TV? Why does the TV cause this with tube pieces and not with solidstate pieces?
try the granite audio ground zero. it's specifically designed to eliminate hum and reduce your overall noise floor. i've never used one so i can't say how good they really work. call the company and see if they offer any type of money back offer if it doesn't work.
If your Cable TV is run through your system, try disconnecting all cabeling between the two and see what happens.
I found getting an electrician to install a dedicated line, to get my hi-fi isolated from TV and other appliances, was a very cost-effective solution to transformer hum. It cost much less than decent power conditioners, which may or may not provide other benefits.

That said, I also found that speaker cable with the correct impedance for my particular amp (not a tube amp) made a big difference. Installing unsuitable cable, even though it sounded good in other ways, brought back transformer hum.
Removing it eliminated the problem. Your dealer or manufacturer rep may have useful information on impedance matching between cable and amp. Good luck!

I have found several brands of EF86 tubes are very sensitive to RF noise. Make sure its not any of the tubes by moving your hand close to them,(do not touch them) if the noise level changes then try another tube.

If you have a Tube Cage, try taking it off or if your not using it putting it on.

You dont say if your using any power conditioning, if you are, try lifting the ground on the amp by using a cheater plug. This might indicate a ground loop.

Try a better power cord on your amp. Perhaps one with better shielding.

I have used the Blue Circle Noise Hound with EXCELLENT results. Just plug it in to any outlet close to the outlets that you use for your tv.
PS Audio makes a humbuster. No personal experience though.
A dedicated circuit is the best way to go. The Nation Elec.Code (NEC) has changed it's grounding requirements over the years. So it depends when you house was built or updated what kind of grounding you have. Also different States ,Counties and Cities have varying requirements. What you need is a dedicated ground and neutral to your System. The neutral is a current carring ground. It will transfer noise. Also if your electrical panel has a bonded ground the neutral and ground are connected at that point (carries noise). You need to "float" your ground to your music system. Talk to your electrician when installing a dedicated circuit about isolating you neutral and mechanical ground.
NEVER use a cheater plug!!!!

That is extremely dangerous and does not provide a way for parasitic currents to ground. Believe me you do not want to be the path to ground!!!

The answer is to ground all equipment in the system to a common potential i.e. a single circuit or circuits that use a common ground.
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If your Cable TV is run through your system, try disconnecting all cabeling between the two and see what happens

In my system the hum is clearly caused by the cable tv, disconnect the cable and hum goes away. Unfortunately I live in an area where there is NO TV without cable. I live in a gorge in the Santa Cruz mountains and am surrounded by trees so I can't use sattelite TV either.

Any ideas on how to get rid of the hum caused by cable tv
Any ideas on how to get rid of the hum caused by cable tv
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I had the same problem. Caused by cable tv coax cable. Try taking the coax cable out of the cable box. Then turn on your system and see if the hum is still there. But don't unplug the cable box from the wall. This will not do. You need to take out the coaxial cable that runs into your cable box, or whatever its first point of entry is.
I fixed this problem in my system with MONDIAL - MAGIC BOX. Bought it at musicdirect.com. No impact to picutre quality that I can detect. But the annoying hum noise is gone.
follow the link to check it out....
I had the same problem with my video side causing hum.
I put a passive filter between the video side, going into my main AV processor, then into the main amp.

The passive filter takes RCA's in and out, and it's called a "buzz off", by ROLLS. You can find them in Guitar Center or other music stores, guitarists use them to cut down hum.

It works well in stabilizing my system, as I run my video side into the audio side, through my Quad amp, for surround sound.
FWIW, I tried the PS Audio Humbuster without success.