ELF Custom Cables,Inc "Silver Duet" interconnect's

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I had upgraded from the Silver Surfer's,to the Silver References,and finally to the Silver Signature's.Each step was a worthwhile upgrade sonically as well as visually.After living with Ernest's top Silver Signature Speaker cables for couple of week's I thought I was in audio heaven.Ernest then suggested I try his Silver Duet interconnect's to compliment the Silver Signature speaker cables,the only word's I can think of is HOLY SH...With the addition of the Silver Duet's, my system gained a level of transparency and detail retreival that was already pretty good.Purcussive instrument's such as guitar's and stand up bass have real acoustic snap and resolving power.My soundstage grew in both witdth and depth.The treble is super detailed with high energy,but never turn's hard or aggressive.The synergy of both speaker cable and interconnect is much greater than the sum of it's part's.I can afford cables that cost waaaaaayyyyy more than ELF Custom Cables,but there really is no need to when a product is so good.Put your audiophile snobberish to the side and enjoy some of the best sounding cables.
Associated Gear:
1.Basis 1400 Turntable/Rega RB300 arm/Benz Glider MC
2.DIY dual mono tubed phono pre
3.Antique Sound Labs Hurricane mono's
4.ELF Custom Cable "Silver Signature" speaker cables/WBT spades
5.ELF Custom Cable "Silver Duet" unshielded interconnect's/silver RCA's
What interconnect/speaker cables did they replace?
Hello Richt19,The ELF Silver cables replaced a pair of Virtual Dynamics Nite Series speaker cables,and Virtual Dynamics David Series interconnect's.The VD cables are nice,but they dont allow me to enjoy my music as the ELF cables do.