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After a couple week's of listening to Ernests' Silver Signature speaker cables I am absolutely amazed by their performance.I was very skeptical in trying a unheard of cable company,but the feedback was very positive so I gave it a go.Boy am I glag,the Silver Sig's have the smoothest top end I have ever heard,there isn't a hint of harshness or shrillness.The treble is however very detailed giving due "acoustic snap" and attack to guitar's and Cellos.I was equally impressed with the midrange performance.I could literally hear the performer's breathing during singing.I was alway's accustomed to big thick cables with big thick bass,but the bass the Silver Sig's reveal is more tuneful and also seemed more dynamic and musical than my Harmonic Tech Pro-9's.The uptempo jazz beat's of Ramsey Lewis'"The in Crowd" are just more substantial with the Silver Signatures in place.The braided transparent silver conductor's look very classy and the WBT terminations are the best in the business.These cables easily look like more exspensive cables and sound more exspensive too.Ernest recommend's I try his Silver Duet interconnect's with the Silver Sig's.He claim's the interconnect's use the same exact conductor's as the speaker cables,and the synergy between the two is out of this world.I should have them by monday and I cant wait!Ernest really believes in simple designs with quality construction and quality part's,I'm a converted believer!I'll report the sound quality of the Silver Duet's when they arrive.Besides great cables,Ernest is a great guy and is fun to cyber-chat with.
Associated Gear:
1.Basis 1400 Turntable/Rega RB300 arm/Benz Glider MC cartridge.
2.DIY KT-88s dual mono phono pre
3.ASL Hurricane Mono block's
4.Magneplanar MG3.6
With such a system, I think there would be other ideas in your head just as interesting as the one's concerning ELF cables.
Ohlala,I am getting out of high priced audio because I cant sleep with owning a pair of 2K speaker cables that sound like say $200 cables.I chose every component in my system based on sound quality that I think is way beyond their price tag's.I believe the $300 for the ELF Silver Signatures is a steal.I compared them to a pair of Valhalla's that I had on trial and was shocked at how close the two sound.I could never justify spending 4K on the Valhalla's after hearing the ELF Silver Signatures.
Thank you Alpha10 for the precise review of My Silver Signature speaker cables.I really aimed at making an "invisible" cable that could compete with cables at many multiples the price of the Signatures.I could sell my Signatures for twice as much,but that put's them out of reach for a lot of my potential customer's.At only $300 a pair they are one of the greatest values in HI-End cables.

Thank you all,Ernest L. Farley III/ owner of ELF Custom Cables,Inc.
Hello Guy's just a little extra info about system matching with my Silver Signature speaker cables.After several month's of production,I,aswell as other's agree that the Silver Signature's work optimally with tube gear.That's not to say they dont work well with SS,because they do.They just have a synergy with tubes that is short of magical.Many have also reported that Electrostatic and Ribbon speaker's work exceptionally well with the Silver Signature's.

Thank's,Ernest Farley of ELF Custom Cables.
great cables. they are constructed very well and are very flexible. the sound is clean and pure. the music is presented as a whole, which makes you forget about gear, different frequencies and ELF cables themselves.
A great cable from a great guy:
I buy almost all of my cables from ELF (Ernest).
He's honest, fair & makes a great product.
In MHO the silver signature cables are the best bargain anywhere!
For sure - you can spend a lot more for a pair of cables & if your ego allows you, you may hear a slight difference.
I Have two (2) 7.1 HT systems - One is complete ELF (power, IC's & component) & the other is Straightwire (speaker) with ELF power cords & IC's.
While all the components are different - I find there is no difference in the cables.
The ELF cables are made as well as anything costing 3 to 5 times more,
They are light, flexible & have the best spade/wbt connectors available.
Break in time is short - about 50 hours.
I cannot recommend anyone a highly as Ernest (ELF) as we have been doing business since I have joined agon.
He's the best!