ELF Audio Super Helix - scary good

I am new to Audiogon and this is my first post but I feel I have to vent about these skinny cables,they are truly outstanding.I got hip to ELF Audio from Ebay where I bought a demo pair of their Wizard 12 gauge speaker cables to replace a pair of AP Oval 9's.When I got the Wizard cables I was immediately impressed by the build quality and feel of the cables and when I hooked them up I was very satisfied.About two month's later Ernest emailed me and asked would I like to audition a pair of his new 18awg OCC solid core Super Helix cables.I was very satisfied with the Wizard's,but I didn't want to appear rude so I accepted his offer.Two day's later the cables arrived neatly wound in an envelope,they are that skinny.I opened up the envelope and was like that's it...they where very well constructed though, and were tightly twisted perfectly.They came terminated with some very nice large spades and the heatshrink job was spectacular.I imagine it is very difficult to terminate such thin wire.I didn't even hook them up for two day's because they didn't look like they would sound better than the attractive thick 12awg Wizards.I finally decided to hook them up just to be fair,but when I hooked them up I was totally blown away by their sound.Not only did they have way more air in the upper octaves,midrange details where greatly enhanced,they also had a very strong slam in the bass that made the Wizards and Oval 9's sound a bit soft by comparison.Now the Wizards already improved on my AP Oval 9's,but the Super Helix in my system sounds better than both.I have been through a lot of cables and these have been the best in my system by far.The Super Helixs' are very transparent and quick,but the have plenty of bass slam from skinny 18awg solid copper.Ernest offer's a 30 day money back guarantee and ships resonably fast for a one man team.His website is www.elfaudio.net if you want more details.

Associated gear:

Audio Analogue Maestro cd player
Audio Analogue Puccini integrated
Proac Tablette 50 standmount speaker's

other cables used:AP Oval 9,MIT T2,ELF Audio Wizard,Straightwire Rhapsody II,Nordost Solar Wind...too many more to list