Element vs. Signal vs. ???

For no reason other than experimentation and the need for bi-wired cables to replace cheap stock jumper plates, I want to change my speaker cables and interconnects. My system is:

Von Schweikert VR-2s
Roksan Kandy KC 1 CD Player
Blue Circle CS Integrated
12ft Straightwire Stage Speaker Cable
3ft Mas Grey Silver Interconnects

I have seen very good reviews for Signal cable, anti-cables (P. Speltz) and more recently Element cables. I'm willing to spend up to $400 for the Speaker cables and $150 for interconnects. Any recommendations? Should I go with silver throughout? VS recommend silver speaker cables, but I'd like to know your recommendations or experiences with similar budgets and equipment as mine.

Thanks for your help,
By the way, the budget is for *used* cables unless I end up buying Signal or Element.
Just this past week I bought Signal cable pc's for all my gear along with the shotgun ultra bire wire speaker cables (8') from Frank. IMHO these cables for the price cannot be beat. My system never sounded better, and I only have about 30 or so hrs on the, so not even broken in. And, the replaced some very expensive other cables...not to mention any names. My vote would be to try out the Signals. I am sure you will be very pleased. I will be changing all my IC's with Frank in the very near future. Good luck...happy listening!
I have had very good luck with e-ticketcables. First I bought speaker cables, then interconnects. It has been the best money I have spent on audio equipment.
Signal cable silver resolution has done wonders for my system - I heartily recommend them to anyone using a SS system -I also replaced much higher-priced cabling with these and will not be changing these for others...PS Their customer service is outstanding - Talk to Frank(at signal cable) and he will help answer all your questions
Thanks for the feedback.
I've been thinking about the Signal Cables SR for awhile. Is the bi-wire version a shotgun configuration or internally bi-wired? Don't know if it makes a difference.

How about PC? IS it overkill to use a magic PC on a CDP?

How's the difference in craftmanship between signal and element? Any experience with element?
By overkill I mean the gauge difference (10 vs 12). Does this make any sonic difference in power cords?
BC- Please talk with Frank at Signal cable -he will happily answer all of your questions -You can choose either configuration on your bi-wiring -I would replace powercords if your cdp has a cheap cord- I dont know about element (Ive heard theyre good) but I do know (as well as hundreds of people here on the gon) that the Signal Silver Resolution line is about as good a value as you can get-They really sound excellent - borrow a high priced IC from a friend and do a comparison between the two -chances are you would unload the high-priced model and put the savings where it can be heard - such as better equipment-MHO
Thanks Huggerray. So far I'm going for the SignalCables. I'll email Frank to see what's best for my system,
I have no experience with the other brands but I tried some Signal Cable Silver Resolution interconnects and all I can say is WOW! Resolution is something these cables have in spades. Extreme detail and resolution without any hash grain, infact they were smoother than the Audioquest they replaced and revealed much more detail. It's like I can hear all detail right to the very core of the recording, awesome. I also tried the Signal Magic power cord and it is also very good as well. As I said earlier I have no experience with the other brands mentioned but I must say that NOTHING else I have tried comes even close to the Signal cable products, especially for the price.