Element Sub ???

I seen a subwoofer called "Element" and I was wondering if it is a bogus white nite van service company ? It has a shiny gloss finish,a blue display at the left bottom corner.On the rear,is 2 balanced input connectors with the word Element on it,that's it.I've had Polk,NHT.Paradigm,HSU,Def-Tech,an countless others as well as my Velo. HGS-12.but never this one.Thanks.
Element is the house brand sold by Circuit City. Attached is a link to the current Element sub from the Circuit City site:


Pnp, do a Google check for Element lfx subwoofer. There is quite a bit of info about the sub you are inquiring about.
Wow, two "Element" brands. One looks like very high end and the other a very low end house brand from a big box retailer.

It would seem that someone has a trademark issue.....

It seems that there maybe a trademark issue.This particular sub is a down-firing sub,possibily with an 8" woofer.It had a remote control as well.I was told a guy named Danhon Martin designed it(I hope the first name is correct).I did all types of searches on this thing(to no avail)which made me believe it's a fluke,I could be wrong.I did check-out Circuit City but this is not the sub I seen.I wonder if I could post a pic(s)of this thing for further assistance.Thanks to all responses.
To all replys(especially Eldulcesol).Finally,I did find the info I was looking for on this sub.Yes,It is a "High-End" item made by Demian Martin of Element.us.com.I typed in Element LFX before but this computer took me else where.Thanks a million again to everyone.