Element Cables vs Signal Cable

Are these the exact two cables. I went on Element's web site i found on aa, every cable looks the same as a Signal cable. The prices, the specs, everything. What gives?
Signal Cable has good marketing/website and other new small operations followed. I fell for their marketing and bought the Signal Cable Analog and the Silver Cables. The Signal Cables were a disappointment.
I would agree with Somec59. I bought Signal Cables Analog ICs and didn't care for them. First they didn't sound good. They were harsh. Second, the quality was not good. The shrink wrap came off. I have three sets and I'm not using them.

I eventually tried other brands and made my own. My own (Silversonic wire and WBT silver solder and connectors) and the ZU cables were the best sounding.

regards, David
I agree that Element and Signal look surprisingly similar, and thought they might be the same company. In the end, it didn't matter to me. That said, my experience with Signal has been very positive indeed. All my PC's are Signal ... Basic for Subs, Digital Reference, and Silver Resolution for everything else. Using Signal speaker cables after comparing directly to Goertz Alpacore and Cobalt. Signal Analog 2's and Silver Resolution I/C's working great as well. Very smooth after about 100 hours break-in. These are excellent audio products IMHO.
Understand the subjectivity of this game, but Signal Cable has racked up 1066 positive hits, no negative and I don't think it's manufactured. I own the product and find them a great value compared to a plethora of cables I've owned from Cardas to Nordost.
Celtic66 makes a strong case. Signal Cable is a no-brainer substitute for people beginning the PC upgrade process because it's very reasonable and shames any stock supplied OEM cable. Once the buyer gets his first taste of how PC upgrades can make such noticeable improvements in his system he will likely [over time] continue the PC upgrade path to the more exotic [and considerably pricier] cables. Or not. But, the sound improvement from OEM to Signal cable might very well be significant enough for many who will never feel the need to take another step nor ever experience such a large improvement in "one jump" ever again, relatively speaking... certainly without spending a lot more (IMHO). I'm describing my experience here as well and while I have upgraded some of my signal cables I am still using the digital power cords on my transport and processor, and a couple of basics on my power conditioners as well as a custom made speakon cable(s) for my subwoofer. Frank provides a good product, good service, and obviously has many happy customers. Take that for what it is.
I agree with Lissnr. I have a few pairs of the ref 2 ic's with the bullet plugs. I also have the magic pc's on my preamp and my Wave 8 mono's. That being said, i found the pc's made a HUGE improvement over the stock power cords. I was thinking of getting the digital pc for my cdp. When they come up on this site they seem to go very fast. It might be because of the low price or because they are good. Either way they must be better than the stock pc. I just found it strange how similar the two brands seem.
i have used both a variety a cables (PCs and ICs) from both companies. the element cables imo are of better construction and sound.
Also, the Element Cables, if I read correctly, are all 'cryogenically' treated....which may or may not mean much but it might distinguish the two companies.