Element Cables interconnects and power cords

Does anybody have experience with the Element Cables Twisted Pair Ultra interconnects and/or the Red Storm power cord. I'm thinking of these as an upgrade for my Rotel RCD-1072, connected to my Rogue Cronus integrated amp and Vandersteen speakers (with AudioQuest Type 6+ speaker cables). Thanks for your feedback.
hello adam, i had the element cable red storm and the signal cable digital cable at the same time and they both are good cables and sound about the same. so could go for the best price. they both have a trial period i believe, so you can try both. i tried the twisted pair interconnects but in comparison to what i had at the time, they didn't float my boat.
Which interconnects did you have before trying the Twisted Pairs ?
i had audio art ic-3 interconnects.
i have element cables and have reviewed rhem as well. these are from the signature series. if you wish to read the review, go to www.audiophilia.com and access the review on the archives under the cable heading.

in brief i would say that they cables are sufficiently resolving and perhaps, slightly warm of neutral.