Elegant Audio-Visual

I was wondering if any one has had any experience or dealings with a company called Elegant AV in Ocean City Delaware? They seem to have access to almost all brands and offer 20% discount on all items with free shipping. They try to sell you a "buyers club membership" for $299 a year but quickly back off if you press the point. They sounded a little hi-pressure so I did not buy anything but perhaps I misjudged.
Did you check with the Delaware Better Business Bureau? While BBB's leave something to be desired, early indications of problems do surface. Some level of protection is always available by using credit cards, especially those with warranty protection. If the transaction is over $1000, I would ask for a bank reference and find out if that bank reference is processing their credit card transactions. If not, the reference is meaningless.
BBB on them at the same exact address given on their website, operating under a different name: rating