Electrostatic speakers and low volume resolution

I've used electrostats almost exclusively for over 35 years and am just now questioning whether it is my somewhat compromised hearing (73 yrs old), the nature of that type speaker, or both that lead me to this question. At "normal" listening levels factors like detail, resolution, timbre, etc are excellent. At lower volumes, though, I lose these attributes. I realize that my age related hearing deficiencies could account for these loses but am questioning whether the nature of speakers themselves could be a contributor.

It's been awhile since I've used conventional speakers so my memory might be lacking but this didn't seem an issue when using them. The two that I owned and recall having the best sound to my ears were the JMLab Electras and the Jamo Concert Eights. My current speakers are the Martin Logan Ethos' which replaced the Odysseys that were in the system for 12(?) years.

For various reasons I need to listen mostly at reduced volumes, so, before I start looking to trade my Ethos' which I very much like, btw, for something like a good pair of stand mount dynamic speakers, I'm asking for input.
This can be an amplifier problem as well. With many amplifiers, the distortion goes down as the output power is reduced- but only to a point. Below that point the distortion starts to go back up.

This occurs at different points with different amplifier designs and also with different power capabilities- the more power the amp can make, the higher the point where the distortion 'turns around' and goes back up.

For example with many amplifiers of about 120-150 watts this point might be at about 5-7 watts- just the point you are using at lower power levels.

With increased distortion comes less detail and a less musical presentation.
Yes, ZD, there are several places for me to do some auditioning and, to a limited extent, I've tried this and is how I ended up buying the Ethos pair several months ago. One of the things that I've been overlooking here is the equalizer, an oversite that might be hard to believe since I spent at least 3 threads extolling the magic of the Behringer DEQ2496. I'll be experimenting to see if I can use it in place of the loudness button of old.

Atmasphere, some of the most important information that I've received on these forums was yours when I was asking for advice regarding the use of tube amps with electrostats. Your description of the current / power relationship in this discussion of tubes versus SS was particularly useful in my understanding this comparison. It also reminds me that, based on these factors, tube amps may be less susceptible to low volume distortion. If my understanding is correct I would guess this to at least possibly be the case.
As was mentioned, high quality compression driver systems. More dynamics at low levels, very low distortion. As a very quiet listener (who once in a while does go to moderate levels) I know where you are at. This is the answer.
Would you be considering moving to more efficient speaker; as I would think it would produce the results you are seeking?
Broadstone, that is true to a certain extent but should not be held as gospel! Generally speaking though, Martin Logan speakers are tricky for any tube amp due to the low impedances of less than 1 ohm at high frequencies. Quite often though they can be solved with a set of ZEROs (http://www.zeroimpedance.com).