Electrostatic speakers and low volume resolution

I've used electrostats almost exclusively for over 35 years and am just now questioning whether it is my somewhat compromised hearing (73 yrs old), the nature of that type speaker, or both that lead me to this question. At "normal" listening levels factors like detail, resolution, timbre, etc are excellent. At lower volumes, though, I lose these attributes. I realize that my age related hearing deficiencies could account for these loses but am questioning whether the nature of speakers themselves could be a contributor.

It's been awhile since I've used conventional speakers so my memory might be lacking but this didn't seem an issue when using them. The two that I owned and recall having the best sound to my ears were the JMLab Electras and the Jamo Concert Eights. My current speakers are the Martin Logan Ethos' which replaced the Odysseys that were in the system for 12(?) years.

For various reasons I need to listen mostly at reduced volumes, so, before I start looking to trade my Ethos' which I very much like, btw, for something like a good pair of stand mount dynamic speakers, I'm asking for input.
I am about 10 years behind you, and have heard many fine speakers. I currently own ML's and would not trade them for any comparably priced conventional speaker. sitting a bit closer might help.
Some large panel speakers do seem to play best at moderate volume levels and not quite so well at both extremes of volume. But, that certainly is not the case with all such speakers. The old Quad electrostatics (57s) sound very good at low volume levels. I liked the low level performance of the Martin Logan Quests I owned years ago as well.

If you are looking for the very best low level performance, look at high efficiency full-range drivers and compression driver (horn) systems. I suspect that the reason so many of the giant horn systems that reside in the tiny apartments in Japan have something to do with the ability of such systems to deliver great sound at low volume.
I've been reading some of your posts and am kind of familiar with your situation. What you're asking here may be too subjective of a question to get a good answer. Is it possible for you to audition some equipment first hand in order to gain some type of reference? Just something like Product A was a step in the right direction, but Product B was not. I fear without some type of confirmation as to what it will take to be successful, you'll be doing little more than guessing. Also keep in mind that low level resolution is something that all components contribute to, and not just the speakers.