Electrostatic pros and cons.

I recently saw a feature on the program, "how it's made" on electrostatic speakers and it piqued my interest in them. I was wondering the pros and cons of them, their placement, space needs, sound, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.

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There is a guy on one of the forums with a fantastic speaker/sub combo: Martin Logan ESL panels, passed off to a pair of Magneplanar Tympani T-IVa bass panels (which make a great sub for ESL's), and finally to an Eminent Technology TRW-17 Rotary Woofer for the bottom octave (20-40Hz) and below. Yes, below. He's one of the few people in the world who can hear the sound of the cathedral or concert hall Classical and Opera recordings are often made in reproduced in his listening room. Total price for the above is far less than that of the big Wilson and other dynamic "super-speakers".
Great info and thread here! Thank you, all.
Indeed. Big Sounlabs with big Atma-Sphere or VTL amps would be great. No woofers/subwoofers needed. If that's your kind of sound.
Bill, yeah they are about $250k.
I've heard and now dream about the Sanders speakers. Quick, dynamic, clean, transparent, life-like, moved me like no other. Downside was requiring bi-amping, 2 sets of speaker cables and 2 extra XLR cables, can add up $$$$$ quickly. Will one day own them.
Wow! All this talk of measurements and tech issues, and little or no
acknowledgment of another critical component - YOUR ROOM!
Yes - you can sit nearfield 8 feet from a pair of "Studio"-quality
Monitors and detect minutia. The minute we enlarge the listening
area, the more it becomes a factor in the sounds we perceive. Surfaces
add to the variables.  And while we focus on analysis of our equipment, little qualification is attempted on room dynamics (good reason - they're all different!).
 Bottom line? Just trust your ears. Try stuff and pick what sounds best
to you.... in YOUR environment. (Buy the way - our audio perception 
- what we each hear - is a non-constant, too!)
Had to throw this in.