Electrostatic Break-in

I just replaced the panels on my Martin-Logan CLS IIz speakers and the sound is definitely different from the old (and failing) panels.

Anyone have experience with breaking in electrostatic panels? Do they need it and if so, how long?

I have experience with Staxes, Quads and Sound Labs. The latter took about 3 weeks to sound their best, the other about two. I of course kept them powered on all the time. Playing time was about 3 hours per day. I did not use any other breaking in except music.
i would say about three weeks. i found that sound labs change alot even after a month.
Hello Rgodin, As a previous CLS2Z owner I thought I respond with a tip to speed up the process for you. Play source material with lots of low end bass at loud volumes. This will strech the mylar faster and speed up the break-in process. Good luck, Tom