Electrostat repair in Boston?

I need to get one of my Audiostatic ES100's membranes replaced as it was damaged during shipping about a year ago when I bought them. Does anyone know of someplace in the Boston area that can re-mylar them? Or, if not, is anyone interested in a slightly damaged pair of very nice electrostats :)? (They actually still sound very good except for an annoying resonance around 40Hz or so; it doesn't occur all that often, but is a pain when it shows up!). Thanks for any info you can give me. Elorian P.S. I should have put in a claim with UPS, I know, but I thought I might be able to repair them myself. I gave it a shot, but was unable to make the repairs. Live and learn I guess :).
www.fidelisav.com talk to Joe they have an affiliate in arlington (Ensemble)
Thanks for the info Chelillingworth- I'll give Joe a call.