Electrostat Power cords

Is it overkill to use an audiophile grade PC on an ESL that typically pulls 15mA from the mains? I currently have Sound Lab Dynastat's and some Voodoo Mojo cords.

I must admit that this is my first pair of ESL's but I am finding the phrase "One you've had Stat you'll never go back" to be rather accurate in regards to my listening enjoyment.

Good question. I too was thinking of getting a couple of cryoed Virtual Dynamics outlets, and a pair of Virtual Dynamics power Power 3, cryoed power cords for my Martin Logans.
Has any one tried this Idea. Thank you
Mhd101, I emailed Rick a virtual dynamics. He said he heard from people who tried them on Martin Logan's with success.
whatever that means. When I save some cash, I am going to try some VD pc's. I will get back to you then.
kimber power cords they sound good on the logan, and the
mit z cord power cord if your system is the on bright side.
you can try harmonic technology if want more highs
to come out.