Electrostactic Feedback

Hi i have an adcom amp and preamp and Nautilus 805 speakers. anytime i have any static in the room (from anything like wool/down jackets, rubbing socks etc) i get feedback. speakers actually give a little crackel and pop.. nothing loud but i have concerns. Does anyone know how to stop this? Thanks.
I'll bet your humidity is under 10%. Where do you live? Use a lot of air conditioning? Does this happen spontaneously, or only when you touch a component?
i'm in NYC, it happens when the AC is on or off. This also happens regardless if you're touching the component or not.. Weird.
OK, so are you saying that when you walk across the floor in your socks, or you put on or take off a wool/down jacket, these noises come out of your speakers? Or does it happen other times too?

The reason I ask is I'm not sure the problem is "static in the room" as you put it. The other two possibilities are radio frequency radiation (which can come from many sources besides radio transmitters) and line-bourne noise on your
AC power line. Both of these things can be addressed with proper filtering devices.
I have a monster cable power filter. this only happens when static is created (wool/down jacket, even dusting). i can't figure it out.. i think i need to ground the amp some how..
When static build-up discharges, it sends out radio frequency energy. And I can only assume that something in your system (more likely cabling than the components themselves) are acting as an antenna.

Does this only happen when certain sources are selected, or with any source?

And BTW, is your system not grounded? Are your wall outlets grounded type, and are the grounds working (connected to a real ground or a ground wire back to the electrical panel?)