electrosats "toed out"?

Has anyone ever tried to toe stats out to widen the sweet spot? I know reflections are not what speakers like Innersound wich I have were made for, but with such a small sweet spot could it be widened by using the wall to reflect the sound? I cant physically move them without help so I thought I would ask you guys before even trying, I know it probably sounds really stupid, so be nice!
Probably worth trying, but I'd try toeing them in to cross in front of the listener first. This is recommended by Brian Cheney and John Dunlavy to increase the size of the sweet spot by increasing interaural crosstalk. Either way, too much tilt in or tilt out will kill the high frequency response of the Eros. You can simulate the same effect of toe-in change by moving the listening position forward or back of the speaker crossing axis.

The real way to increase the high frequency sweet spot is to narrow the width of the high frequency radiator element. Harold Beveridge did this best by loading an electrostatic line element into a horn-like waveguide, yielding 180 degree high frequency radiation. You can try this by taping plastic wrap to block off the edges of the panel in vertical strips; start by narrowing the open window to the 10" width of the Isis, and narrow it further if you like the effect. It'll look like crap, but may work. Okay, it'll look like shit, then it will look like crap.

At least it won't be as awful as listening to those horrible B&W speakers. Hey, I'm a paranoid-schizophrenic and I'm afraid that I'm with stupid.
It's not going to work I'm afraid. The planar nature--and flat panel vs curved--necessarily means a very narrow sweet spot. You do get exception imaging when you are in the sweet spot--but it doesn't work off axis. If you toe the speakers out you will be listening to almost all indirect sound and defeating the purpose of the design.
I thought so, but while on the phone with a friend he mentioned it and it made a dim lite bulb go off in my head so I figured I would be dumb enough to ask, I love these speakers, but wife wants invited to party too, she can always sit on my lap hehehehhe
I have Martin Logan Quest Z's and I don't toe in at all.If anything I may move them away from each other closer to my walls to open up the sweet spot a little,But I'm not sure if that would work with your ELS.they still face straight out in my living room,But did open up the center sweet spot a bit.
Some people swear by use planar speaker facing each other for soundstage that fills room, and HUGE sweetspot. Not certain if work with Innersond speakers, but easy to try, no?
I found in my system that my Accoustat Spectra 66 esls had a very specific toe in that was once found , was magical. In every system in a given room , there will be that perfect spot you may be fortunate enough to locate.It will be a balance of many sonic attributes worthy of pursuit. Audio education is a private , all consuming endeavour that many of us spend our lives content to do alone yet is fulfilling . Its rather unique to many of us. The curve is vast and perilous . Resolution freaks graduate to imaging obsessives or vice versa. Bass crazies give way to midrange thirsty ideologists . One of the most important aspects of education is the graduation of spl. Newbees do not understand that excessive volume can distort the sonic envelope and flatten the field truncating depth and soundstaging properties.Listening to music at the proper level is like getting a graduate degree. Not a phd , but somewhere past high school and a bachelor degree. Just like a perfect "toe" , the perfect volume will come with time and experimentation.
thanks all for the info
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