Electronluv: Anybody heard these? Tube Audio-ART

A good friend of mine pointed me to this site:


They're sure pretty to look at (In a George Jetson kind of way), but can they sing? Anyone heard these things?
Aren't they great! I have his 2nd pair of amps that he built - the VV45-845 ones. They are as stunning sounding as they look. I was at Josh's house a couple weekends ago and we spent a good while listening to the 75TL amps (which he had at the CES/THE show). Coincidentally he has them (75TL amps) up for sale on Ebay at the moment - though I think they are probably just there to generate interest. The 75TL amps sound even better now, he made some tranny changes. He's finishing work on an AV20-based preamp for me. Terry Cain of Cain&Cain speakers has the first pair of his amps - the 2A3 monos, and also a 10-based preamp. Josh currently has a few other projects in the works - some GM70 amps, another set of the gear that Terry has (10preamp/2A3 amps), some 242-based amps using the chassis design for the 75TL amp, another couple Av-20 line stages, and a monster set of GM100 amps for himself (driven by 250TLs!). For more info, check out the recent CES reports on various sites, and also there is a write up under industry features on the 6moons.com site. he also had a write up in the Dec. issue of Robb Report Collection. His work is above and beyond anything else I've seen or heard... truly a league of it's own.

Ed, you use these 20w amps to drive Martin Logans? Which model?
I use them on the CLS - which is the only ML's I have now. Actually at the moment they are hooked up to the Aerial 5's - @ 86db or so they are even less efficient than the ML's. Sweet sound to be sure.