Electronics to my Amati tradition


I have a set of Amati tradition and 2 Rel S812 subs. My electronics today is Mcintosh C2700 pre and MC 452 amp. Im using Tidal on PC with jcat usb card to C2700 preamp.


Waht is the next step up. A new dac or are there a better better electronics the match Amati speaker like gryhon diablo 300 i cant get that amp out of my head :p  


First try a real server a pc even with jcat cardwillnot sound as good As a dedicated purpose built server


Wes sell our servers with two week home trial


To date no returns





I own Sonus Faber Amati Traditional. See my used ID for the answer. To verify we are of the same interest. I like a system that is musical, dead quiet, with great midrange and bass bloom (fully fleshed out), and great bass. I do not like etched, forward details… I like listening to music… emotional connection with great imaging.

I own the best system I have ever heard… and I have heard many, of much greater expense.

I love the look of McIntosh… I have gone in every five or so years to audition it.. and got up within thirty seconds every time and gave up… no detail. Great for rock… but not much else.

So, if I were you I would see if you can find a dealer where you can audition an all ARC system with Sonus Faber speakers and verify it is your cup of tea… I would start by investing in an ARC preamp.


Sonus Faber speakers + Audio Research components + Transperant interconnects and cables are a thing. A really good thing.