Electronics to go with KEF LS 50

I am considering purchasing various components that I can carry on a plane and set up a very musical home system in an apartment in Latin America (I listen to jazz, r&b, classic pop, African music and Brazilian music). I plan to get the KEF LS 50 speakers. I have thought about getting a REGA Brio/Apollo combo but am concerned that I can't steam Pandora through them. Alternatively I have thought of substituting an Oppo player for the Apollo or the Naim Uniti Lite or Uniti 2 in place of both Rega components. Your thoughts would be appreciated!
I like the LS50 but in your case, you might want to try something different - say the KEF X300 active speakers. That gets rid of the need to power the speakers. It's not exactly an LS50 but it is a pretty good alternative.

Then you just need a source. There is a wireless version available as well so you can stream off a PC or even a smartphone or tablet.

I am using Bel Canto REF500Ms to drive the LS50s and I think it is a good match. A few friends have been using the Job (/Goldmund derived) amp with also good results. The LS50 really benefit from good amplification and they aren't particularly sensitive either.
I am using a Nad D7050 to drive my LS50s. Although the amp is only rated at 50w per channel at 4 ohm the sound is very very good (I am not a real audiophile so I am not sure about my standards of good sound...). Anyway I am very happy with the combination.

The d7050 is a great small system for anyone that listen to most of its music in the digital domain. In addition, it is very small and therefore easy to carry on a plane (which is what I did).
Another Active and Wireless speaker to consider would be the Dynaudio Xeo3. All you would need would be a source and 1 set of Ic's to plug into the transmitter from the source and power for the speakers and source. It even has an USB input if you want to stream from a computer.
I use them at my office with a NAD integrated, sounds great!
I would definitely go with computer audio, some great DAC's are very small and you can store plenty right on your laptop and eliminate the need of carrying a CD player or transport.
There are also some decent integrates around today that have a DAC built in. With That, you would need your amp, Your speakers and a laptop and would have very good performance.
good luck, Tim