electronics graveyard ?

My Linn Karik cd player expired this weekend as did the Technics SL10 linear tracker. I'll make an attempt to resurrect the Technics but the Karik seems to have laser problems. I also have a Sony ES player that is ready to go. Other than pitching them in the trash, is there a place that recycles electronics?
I don't feel a lot of remorse throwing a 59.00 video player in the trash but these pieces would be painful to see in the trash bin.
I have an old Proceed CDP and a not so common Heathkit amp that are both anchors, I know what you mean.
I have an original, (classic?) Philips / Magnevox 14bit CD player.....the first one sold in the states....the FD1000, I think.
Needs a laser and it grieves me to not be able to find one. This was a great player in its day and I'd LOVE to compare it to a 'modern' player...like my CA840.
There are a few electronics guys that would fix them or use parts off them. I would put them on eBay. It seems like a little work because you will not get a lot of money but you maybe surprised. At the end of the day you you will not have to store a boat anchor. There is one guy I know who may take the broken stuff for parts and projects. His name is Stephen Sank. You can reach him at http://thuntek.net/~bk11/home.htm. He probably would not pay anything but the shipping based on if he thinks he could use parts off it in the future.

That Technics SL10 can still fetch you some money even if it is just for parts. I've seen some SL10's on another popular auction site that weren't fully operational but in good physical condition go for $100.

Regarding electronics recycling. The town I live in semi anually collects electronics for recycling. It is normally on a Saturday and you would drive to a location where they would be collecting all the stuff. Maybe where you live they have something similar?

Good luck with the repairs.
Like the other members have posted - sell it on Ebay for parts making an explicit disclosure in your ad.

Where I live there is a place where all county residents can take hazardous materials & dump them free of cost (free only if you are resident in that county). Materials such as motor oil, paint, other petroleum products, a wide variety of electronics, etc.
I have personally gone to this place & surrendered my old desktop computer, 2-3 very old laptops, an old vacuum cleaner just to name a few items.
In this area I believe that every county has such a recycling program. This gives people a proper place to dump hazardous materials such that it does not pollute our environment.
Check in your area - I'd be surprised if you do not have such county-driven program.....
My area does that too. About every six months they have e-waste collection for electronics. I beleive it is now illegal to put TVs and monitors in landfills, so they must be collected. I have seen a few dead CD players for sale here on the GON and at some used audio stores - i guess some people do buy them.
Yes, you can try ebay..or donate:
RIP Trash.