Electronics for Harbeth, Especially Monitor 40 series

Has anyone tried matching "fast" solid-state to the big Harbeths. Something like Goldmund, Soulution, Spectral, etc. The speakers have great tone but can be a little stodgy. I was wondering if this would open them up a bit. Also, has anyone tried using an LDR passive such as Tortuga or Lightspeed for the same reason
Wojciech Pacula, a well known Polish reviewer (6moons, etc), has a pair of 40.1 with Soulution 710 in his reference system.
Maybe it's no coincidence. Perhaps a pair of Job mono amps would be the poor man's equivalent. Harbeth dealers generally seem to pair them with British integrated amps, and I know that Vinny Rossi shows with Harbeth, but those both sound very different from fast solid-state.
Try Chord or Exposure separates; both would count as "fast." 

Naim would be worth a try also; but you'd probably need a 282/HicapDR/250 combo. 

I've heard all three run big Harbeths (and Spendors) very well. 
I don't have the big Harbeths but for my office system P3ESRs I am using a Rega Brio-R, Apollo-R, and a DAC-R.  Works well together.
Someone had large Spendor monitors with Prasound JC1s & JC 2 Pre, at the RMAF. I thought it was a very good room. It did have very high end analog source material though.
I understand fully why dealers pair them with British amps. That have sonic trademarks typical of British sound generally, speakers, amps. Harebeth being one of the biggest standouts. And they love amplification that share similar attributes, naturally. Something that shares and further brings out there strong points, as with anything else. LFD, Sugden, Exposure, Roksan. Someone coined PRaT and it stuck for good reasons, real reasons. Reasons I dont stray too far away from British sound, or away from at all.   
they work very well with hegel amps 

I spent quite a bit of time in the Harbeth room at the last Newport show. They were driving the 40.2's with Naim electronics. Very natural sound. Organic and emotionally involving, just as Harbeth always is. 
We have customers who really like their Harbeths- this particular model is quite tube-friendly.
They have been refined and defined, sold a ton, several tons since 77’ perhaps. It may be a safe assumption by now to say R&D has all but paid off on more than a couple of their more current designs. So when is cost going to come down on Harbeth speakers? :p
Hegel H30 best combination with Harbeth.
I never thought about at atma-sphere but it makes sense now that Ralph brings it up. They are fast and clean. If the speakers are impedance friendly and that's the sound you want, they are fine amplifiers in my experience.