Electronics Dont Matter----Part II

My recent post entitled "electronics dont matter" was met with a some sharp remarks. I compared my old $50 Pioneer reciever to some very expensive electronics, and the difference was negligible. Most said I was crazy, some agreed. Well, now I think electronics do matter. But you have to have the right electronics.
I auditioned Ayre, Levinson, Krell, Audio Research, all the usual suspects. The results did not get me to lay down my money. Then I tried VTL ; the 5.5 preamp, and the ST-85 amp. Wow, even my wooden ears could hear it.Immediacy, clarity, prescence. High end should put the music right in your face, the VTL's did it with my Audo Physic Virgos. I avoided tubes at first cause the Virgos are warm ,I thought tubes might make em sound flabby. Plus they need a little bit of power. For anyone out there with the same experience, TRY VTL.
Something felt right about the ST-85 as soon as I took it out of the box. I know looks/build quality has nothing to do with sound, but dont you look at a $10,000 amp sometimes and say "For this money couldnt they put it together right?"
Glad to see that you've found something that you like. Now try to apply the lessons that you've learned building your system to the requests for information that are posted here.

Just as:

1) your ears told you something different from what many others have said that they have heard


2) your speakers mated best with gear that you didn't think would be appropriate

you should realize that there are no answers set in stone.

That is why so many of us recommend and try to stress the importance of "in-home auditions". System compatability is one of the key ingredients that many people tend to overlook when shopping for new components. If everything was the same or made little to no difference, you wouldn't see all of the used gear for sale that you do. Obviously, people have heard a difference and want to sell one piece of gear to move onto something else.

Best wishes and good listening.... Sean

Expectations play a large part in anybody's level of satisfaction. Rightly, or wrongly, your sound preference is for an "in your face" sound. I suspect that a large measure of the disagreements between audiophiles over equipment is not so much about the performance of the equipment, but over the listners' (unstated) sonic preferences.
Congrats on your purchase. On a more simple note, the integrated version of the ST85 (ST85i?) would be my very first recommendation to anyone getting started in this game. An active pre-amp and all the other goodies you might want, including the ability to add an ST85 for bi-amping. Your ears are obviously not "wooden" at all. Enjoy!
the integrated vtl is called it85...
someone here would definitely say to me not to sell my vtl mb100.
for the parts luke is using in vtls they should probably cost more than they're sold now.