Electronics cleaner

I have a toggle switch that just crapped out on me in my Audio Research SP11 pre amp. It's the "normal/ bypass" switch. It works on normal but sounds faint and fuzzy on bypass (which is where I like to keep it set). Should I try to clean it before I send it in to AR. Any suggestions which cleaner might work. I have a can of Caig DeoxIt and a can of CRC cleaner here. Is one better than the other, or could there be something else going on? I know I can call AR but I think I know what there answer might be.
The switch is probably a $2-3 part that shouldn't take long to install; that's the route I would go. If you want to try cleaning it, I'd go with the DeOxit, as it's the gentler of the two. Many 'electronics cleaners' will dissolve the plastic housing of the switch, depending on its composition. Caution is indicated.
Well I just talked to Calvin at Audio Research and he said what I thought he would- It needs a new switch. He explained that it's probably a mechanical issue and that a cleaning probably wouldn't work, but I could try it. He was right, it didn't work.
In the future, I'd lean toward Caig for home audio. The CRC stuff I've tried seems more for industrial applications. Keep a cloth around the part to keep it from getting on other parts. Even an aluminum case front might have a plastic clear-coat to keep it looking new.
Since we are now discussing contact cleaners CRC is the way to go. CRC electrical contact cleaner is alcohol based, leaves no residue and it is safe for plastics.

Caig products leave a residue that can turn to a thick gunk over time.
Once the switch has been sprayed (meaning that the spray got to the inside of the switch) it should be rapidly operated about 20-30 times, else the treatment will do no good. Deoxit is effective but should be used sparingly. The trick is to get the smallest spritz into the body of the switch that you can manage.

Thats one thing I didn't try was the rapid operation of the switch. Good idea. Oh well, I'll try that next time there is an issue. The unit did go into Audio Research for a new switch. And I figured this was a good time to have the pre amp looked over by them and bring it up to best performance as well.